33rd UFO dinner event: Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Quantum Hologram, Consciousness and Space Exploration

33rd UFO dinner event in Rouen

Saturday November 15  2014 at 7PM (Paris time zone)

Dr. Edgar Mitchell : the Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness, E.T. Contact and Space Exploration



Dr Edgar Mitchell

Father of modern Conscioussness Studies and the Quantum Hologram (& the F.R.E.E. Foundation), Founder of Quantrek for the development of Zero Point Energy and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, MIT Science Doctor in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Apollo 14 Mission Astronaut, the 6th Man on the Moon

Live on Skype from the US

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-kIPun5_hIqA/U-ba4rrj4rI/AAAAAAAAAFY/bhNLnKds8rc/w2002-h1992/LOGO%2BBANNER%2BFINAL%2B3.jpg Institute of Noetic Sciences


 He will be talking to us about:

Quantum Hologram theory of Physics and Consciousness


How « Paranormal Phenomena » can be explained through Quantum Hologram theory of physics and Consciousness: UFO sightings and E.T. Contact, and the rest….


How Consciousness and the Extraterrestrial Presence relate to zero point energy

Mainstream Science : UFO and E.T. contact disclosure and cover-up?

The Apollo mission and the Overview Effect: His Enlighment Experience and Cosmic Consciousness Awakening in Space… the pathway to Cosmic Unity?


 Moon landings and ESP Telepathy experiment

Noetic Sciences and Space Exploration: is Extrasensory Perception (ESP) the key to Interstellar Travel, compatible with the divine or spiritual faculties of a Human being connected to the source?



The Secret Space Program


Later on that evening, we’ll be hosting:

Captain Kaye Randy Cramer

US Marine Captain, has served 17 years as a member of the US Defense Force on Mars, he will share his Mars experience with us

Live on Skype from the US

Image by Bryan Versteeg / Mars One

Secret Space Program & Project Pegasus: Travelling to Mars – Teleportation and “Jump Rooms”

 Colonie secrète sur la planete Mars  dans Conspiration 1201070420441278939268133

His Training for Mars in 1987 at age 17

The content of his Mission on Mars as part of the  « Earth Defense Force »

Martian atmosphere and Underground Martian Civilization

 MarsESOB dans Inexplicable

Secret human bases and colonies on Mars: their goal


An evening event full of surprises…


At the L’ETRIER Restaurant, starting at 6PM.. dinner scheduled around 9PM, menu for 18,90€


Bar Brasserie L’ETRIER 75, Avenue du 14 juillet 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen, 10 minutes from downtown.

Contact:  Marc Gray : (33) (0)6 83 03 68 94  PLavigne767@hotmail.fr

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