UFO Dinner event reports

Rouen UFO events

Tonia Madenford and Frank Jacob: Time Travel and Teleportation! 50th UFO dinner event & 16th Awakening Meeting


background DO50

Andrew Johnson : Secrets in the Solar System and their Gatekeepers on Earth! 49th UFO dinner event & 15th Awakening Meeting



Ananda Bosman : UFO: Unified Field Objects & The Ultraterrestrial Umbrella, 46th UFO Rouen Dinner Event


banner CR

43rd UFO Dinner Event: Victor Viggiani: Extraterrestrial Disclosure


Image DO43

41st UFO Dinner Event: Michelle Walling: How to raise your Vibration, Wave X and Planetary Shift


Featured image

37th UFO Dinner event: Sasha Lessin & Janet Lessin : Enki speaks about Anunnaki false gods…



36th UFO dinner event: Michael Schratt & Alfred Webre: From Black Programs to Positive Future timelines


Copie de 13931485-timeline-concept-pixeled-word-past-now-future-on-digital-screen-3d-render

33rd UFO dinner event: Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Quantum Hologram, Consciousness and Space Exploration



32nd UFO dinner event: Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Channeling and Close Encounters



30th UFO dinner event: Exoconsciousness and Starseeds



29th UFO dinner event: Cosmic Healers



27th UFO Dinner Event: Cosmic families and Hybrids



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