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A new Web TV concept, DTV will take its guests to new boundaries in the interviewing process, no limits is the key, except for the utmost concern for the guests, the viewers and the listeners… we’ll reach a new step towards a higher level of disclosure & investigation, and also offer special talent moments… enjoy!

Lauda Leon is my 2nd guest on DTV Dimensions TV

Spiritual & interdimensional warfare, the A.I. Trap & our Soul Sovereignty!

Friday November 24  2017

At 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern US / 8PM GMT UK / 9PM Paris on DTV

We’ll talk about:

The Ultimate Harvest, A.I.’s takeover of mankind, Dimensions & technology, resets of humanity, Memory swiping, the Trump card, Terraforming, Denial, Illusions of politics & warmongering, the Loosh human farm, Show business vampirism, Fake counter-powers, Rebels’ infiltration, Reverse psy-ops, Pedophile rings & Pizzagate affair, Archons, E.T. agendas, NDEs & the Void, the Deep, Dual Reality, Consciousness predators, the Energy source, Human battery, Psychic virus, Magic technology, The Sun & Moon technology, the Solar eclipse, Earth climate events, Matrix simulation, Clone DNA reanimation, Historical figures & archetypes, Human Sovereignty vs. artificial counterfeit system, Becoming Creators in and outside this game, collective consciousness, and much more..

Interview Link :

Lauda Leon & Marc Gray on DTV: Spiritual/interdimensional warfare & our Soul Sovereignty!

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Lauda Leon

Lauda Leon is a Psychic Counselor and Quantum Healing Facilitator.  She serves as a psychic counselor, advisor, forensic anomalous profiler, Spirit seer, practitioner of Spirit energetics in her operating capacity as a quantum energy shifter. She works as a facilitator toward personal healing, utilizing innate and learned abilities towards excavation of soul memories, created time-lines, densities and multi-dimensional realms of existence. Her continuously evolving, lifelong abilities are additionally aided via more conventional means of learning, via university studies within the fields of psychology, anthropology, archaeology and environmental politics.

Her passion involves uncovering and investigating anomalous set-ups, personality disorders and the unseen forces of paranormal interference, offering deep insight for her clients to access memories, collapse self- limiting paradigms and in turn healing core emotional wounds towards Spiritual integration and ultimately Sovereign liberation.

Lauda is an experiencer of many forms of anomalous interference and entered as an incarnate with pre-birth consciousness memories, including future time lines and advance knowledge of events to come. She has lived ‘in between worlds’, with comprehensions of the nature of this ‘cosmic battle’, piercing through the veil of our worldly paradigm. At the age of nine, she wrote a book entitled, ‘Another Reality’ based upon her extensive supernatural life experiences and awareness of our existence within a dual reality Matrix system. As a result of such early experiences, she has accessed Keys relating to the ‘game’ being played within this reality and applies those Keys towards discovery of personal Sovereignty on quantum levels.

​Her website is

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My first guest on the Show is Kerry Cassidy

Kerry Cassidy

Whistleblower, Contactee, Sociologist, Journalist and Actress, Truthseeker and Activist, she founded Project Camelot, an alternative media for investigation, and has been conducting sensitive interviews on all 4 corners of the world, away from the mainstream single-minded approach, about many hot topics among which Extraterrestrial presence, the New World Order, the future of mankind and our planet which are closely linked, such as the Matrix, Black Projects and Extraterrestrial Presence, the Shadow or Secret Government & the Secret Space Program. This program involves Black Projects that use newly invented and acquired technologies with the help of treaties and relationships over time with various ET races, both on and off planet.

Today we’ll be talking about alternative sources for truthseekers, how to filter and discern Intel misinformation and valid information in our quest for truth, and also the concerns raised in Kerry’s recent articles.

Many topics and names are covered:

The Ireland Awakens conference in Dublin, a Stargate in Ireland, the Project Camelot Network, dubious and credible Intel sources, the CIA psy-ops, the Secret Space Program, ET Disclosure, Mufon, MJ12, NSA, the Vatican, the committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, Consciousness Awakening, Whistleblowers, MK Ultra, freemasons, Illuminatis, false flags, shadow government, Mosul Iraq, Reptilian disclosure, black goo, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), dimensional sector laws, alternative & fringe media players, Jim Marss, William Tompkins, Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett, Corey Goode, Gaiam TV, Sean Stone, David Wilcock, Randy Cramer, Mark Richards, Robert Steele, Michael Salla, Michael Schratt, Robert Stanley, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, Anunnakis, Lucifer, Damon T. Berry, Wayne Bush, Robert Monroe, Underground bases, NASA & Nazis, Hollywood, hope for change, chaos, etc, etc..



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Much more to come!

Disclosure, Alternative News feed, Documentaries, Board game, Book, Docudrama series, and many more projects will come out.  Your involvement is most appreciated, in order to give us the means to develop them according to the rules still applied by the matrix.  Don’t hesitate to donate.