This « SHORT AWAKENINGS » page is dedicated to the essential quotes and snipets from interviews that are « right on the money » regarding major topics pertaining to our awakening process…

The guests who are mentioned in these audio/videos can be former guests of mine or not…

Howdie Mickoski on Freeman TV: the reincarnation trap… are we in hell?

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Howdie Mickoski said it all on Freeman TV… regarding the reincarnation/reincarceration trap ! Are We In Hell?

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The fantasy world vs. The real world and our comfort zone disturbance… The elite priesthood cult is controlling death with fake selective salvation, the prayer/prey game of fools, the deception of the mission trap, how to end this perpetual suffering soul trap and exit the cave…

Flashback ; I interviewed Howdie on these topics myself :
Howdie Mickoski : Exiting the cave and defeating the death traps! DTV
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Mark Passio : people don’t want truth nor freedom !



From the second hour of this show here on FreemanTV :
Global Death Cult – William Ramsey & Mark Passio

Mark Passio said it all about most people around us, who behave like slaves and farm animals.
They’re not interested in confronting or researching any truth, they are not interested in freedom either. They’re just here to keep the illusion going, no matter how deadly and toxic the false reality is, that is forced upon us for the total control of our minds.
It’s time for a real personal introspection to make things better, not worse !