41st UFO Dinner Event: Michelle Walling: How to raise your Vibration, Wave X and Planetary Shift

We are gathered for this 41st UFO Dinner Event and 7th Awakening Meeting at the L’Etrier Restaurant on September 26th. We counted about 25 attendees for this start of the autumn season. We hosted with great pleasure our speaker via Skype live from Florida, Michelle Walling, who guided us through her personal experiences, her existential quest, and her guests’ feedback as a web radio showhost, about energies and frequencies during this transition period, her methods and symptoms that can apply or manifest… a global approach and overview of our reality that shows us another « multiversal » perspective.

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We’re connecting with Michelle Walling after dinner, who was waiting for us in Sarasota, Florida, on Skype. With her, we’re exploring the following fascinating topics :

The reason why we need to raise our vibration : the vibrational frequency rate of all living things on the plane is rising, in order to set us free from the dark forces’ influence, we need to raise our vibration along with the planet’s so that we’re no longer their prisoners !

The dark forces have lowered planet earth’s vibration into 3D at the time of Atlantis’ downfall.
A Creator god’s program has always existed, in order to raise the Earth’s vibration at one point in her linear history.

Energy waves have been coming from the galaxy’s center, we’re receiving these energies gradually so that our physical bodies can adjust to it.

We mention the various frequent symptoms experienced during this frequency shift.
She tells us about her personal happenings (and Gregg’s also) with the lights in her room, her claisentience, her connection with her higher consciousness and her star family, her webradio show guests’ stories and relevant experiences with frequency shifts..

She talks to us about Dr. Simon Atkins’ findings regarding the strange sounds recorded around the world for the past few years : according to him, these noises are the rubbing, crossing and collision between dimensions which shows us a dimensional shift happening.

The Earth is receiving help from other dimensions, divine beings from the source and from extraterrestrials, in order to keep her from new cataclysm and floodings, so that we can ascend in our physical bodies.

She talks to us about implants, added to our human bodies at birth on our chakras, and according to our life experiences that can be traumatic or not, these implants are being controlled by the dark forces or not, and how to remove them.

The solution is to raise your vibration, she gives us methods and techniques. Everyone has to pick the solutions that suit them best, in order to deactivate and transcend those low vibrations that the matrix controlled by parasites is affecting us with, focusing on the love vibration, and doing what we love best and makes us joyous… the love frequency heals everything, she mentions to us a case of spontaneous healing.

Television sets send out low frequencies, there’s an electronic device inside of them that emits electromagnetic vibes, even when turned off and unplugged from the wall.

When we’re outside the physical plan in the light matrix we don’t need a planet to connect ourselves to the source. Earth is a vibrational tool, a conduit to connect to the source for all, and also for the archontic forces that have trapped us and have been hanging on to our matrix for thousands of years. We need to find the right balance between high frequencies and also being able to ground us onto the planet in order not to get disconnected and raise our frequency gradually during this vibrational transition period. We like to remain physical and not only energy and ether.

Once our frequency shift is complete towards the light matrix, we’ll be able to connect to all our multidimensional fragments – our other lives on other planet or onboard the ships, etc.. -. We’ll discover our other families.

Cycles are not organic, they’ve been created to live experiences in the light matrix, we are at a climax point in our cycle, outside of time, in a void, a neutral cycle. Time in the 5D will not exist in the same way as today’s linear time, we’ll create new ways to measure time, without following a program that is imposed on us, if we are to have another cycle or not.

The golden age that has lasted 1000 years was imposed on us, we’ll never go back to this forced 1000-year-consciousness period, it will be limitless and infinite.

Her last suggestions are : not to expect too much, don’t think that we’re not doing things the way they should be done because of others’ experiences, become aware that our thoughts can change our reality, make sure that our thoughts are ours and don’t come from elsewhere, dismiss those thoughts that don’t come from us, don’t react to other people’s fear, remain in unconditional love, our times are a great testing period. Forgive ourselves when we can’t control our actions, become conscious of what and who we really are, we are here to help with the planetary transition. I’ll let you watch the rest of the interview :

You can view her video interview here:

Here’s another version:


please check out her fascinating websites, articles and radio shows:

CosmicStarseeds.comMichellewalling.com, In5d.com and Howtoexitthematrix.com


In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

We’re planning to meet again next time on October 17th, after giving out a CD holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s topics and speaker. I’d like to thank again very warmly our speaker Michelle Walling, and can only encourage you to read her articles on her various websites, as well as keep in mind her suggestions on how to raise our vibration. I’m also thanking our attendees for their presence and questions, along with l’Etrier’s team for their fantastic welcome and delicious menu.
We’ll see you again soon for our next Awakening Meeting and UFO Dinner Event in Rouen…

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