37th UFO Dinner event: Sasha Lessin & Janet Lessin : Enki speaks about Anunnaki false gods…

We were gathered for this 37th and 3rd UFO dinner event of 2015, as well as the 3rd Awakening Meeting at l’ETRIER restaurant on April 4th, 2015. We hosted about 20 attendees on site.
It was an extreme pleasure to welcome and follow with great interest our 2 remote prestigious guests Sasha and Janet Lessin live via Skype from Hawaii, in the Wailuku Island. They granted us with a journey throughout our genetic origins, along with Kundalini Awakening techniques, some very challenging moments on a technical basis as well as fascinating ones regarding our knowledge spectrum..


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First an introduction was submitted to our attendees regarding our 2 speakers from Hawaii and the topics they would discuss with us after dinner :

Zecharia Sitchin and the Anunnaki history

History Timeline Of Earth- According To Zecharia Sitchin : https://youtu.be/IIrH-2HGDds

Ancient Sumer and Genesis

Kundalini and Tantra explanation and techniques

Our speakers, Sasha & Janet Lessin, their work and relationship to Sitchin

We connected to them in Wailuku, Hawaii, via Skype to discover the following and fascinating themes:

Their books, their goal: making Sitchin’s findings and work available and simple for mankind so they can understand it.

Anunnakis who came here from their planet Nibiru, where they killed each other and experienced nuclear war, they were desperate to come here as they almost self destructed themselves.  They were looking for gold on Earth to repair their planet’s atmosphere, they sent minors and had a mutiny, so they created us to dig for gold in their mines, in Southern Africa to begin with.

They designed us ultimately to become better than they are… We used live no more than… 1000 years, the Anunnakis lived 100s of 1000s of years…

The first hybrids with Anunnaki genes and Homo erectus genes were carried in a female Anunnaki’s womb, they had Anunnaki mytochondrial DNA… The first girl (named Tiamat) had blond hair and blue eyes, the first boy had red brown hair and his skin similar to the color of African clay, named Adam…

Our ancestors : Anunnaki’s genes adapted to Earth mixed in clay flasks (copper added to it) with Homo Erectus genes.. There have been 7 godesses along Ninmah to produce and carry children… After a while, they got tired of carrying children, they used their human slaves to make babies… We browsed through Enki and Enlil’s stories, but not only, they explained the complex genealogy of our ancestors started in Africa…

The key Enki gave us: the shortness of our lives is what gives us the intensity to accomplish immense tasks and to pass that knowledge on….

In every culture in the world, some have achieved the oneness with the universe and some have not…

They told us about the story of Abel and Cain the ancestor of American Natives, etc… the history of Noah, Enki’s son, 50000 years ago, the deluge… Antartica’s Anunnaki base…

Anunnaki Timeline by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.: http://anunnakis.com/2011/10/06/anunnaki-timeline/

Anunnaki Royals’ genealogy tree:


Marduk’s (Marduk = Alexander the great’s father) and planet Nibiru’s returns are the big debate…. In fact, the Anunnakis have never left…

They neutralized each other with nuclear war, which was the Sodom & Gomorra…. Marduk got killed, and later on was born again. The history of Isrealites in Egypt, the city of Ur, 600000 Israelites coming from Jacob’s tribe, direct Anunnaki descent, their prince named Moses, they were sort of like a 5th column… The Flooding and deluge were caused by Nibiru’s passing through our solar system back then.

The 3 major monotheist religions started from there…. in Israel.. Moses’ family was considered a threat to the Egyptian Pharaohs, Egyptians wanted to leave Egypt…

Anunnaki evidence: all the pyramids and huge ancient structures, we cannot build even to this day, DNA evidence, 256 strands in our DNA, etc…  Jesus was probably Enki, the Kings and Royal bloodlines were established by the Anunnakis, the control system…. Kings and priests, the Royals don’t breed outside their casts.. The religions were established to keep control over the populations.. The Yellow books, the E.B.E.S. to help us out, etc.. the history of the Anunnaki continues, based upon the destruction of Israel which was divided (the Assyrians, etc..), created to divide us up to this day!

Our genetic creation as humans was designed and decided from Source, as an experience.

Tantra allows to connect to our inner and superior self, Kundalini is like a double-strand DNA, it’s a sleeping snake of energy, starting from our sacrum chakra… Lots of Kundalini awakening techniques are available online to deprogram your chakra blocks on the core level, it originated from India, through the process of meditation, awakening the Kundalini can happen….

No need really to have a partner for sexual practice, even priests through meditation can awaken their Kundalini…

We discussed our goals as an incarnated being… each being has their own goals… We’re all connected to the Earth’s vortex grid, Global peace can be achieved through reaching critical mass, we can all wake up, at least as many as possible, to affect this grid and achieve the positive timeline. 

Janet talked about experiencers, most of the encounters that are fear-based are negative, but most of them are positive contacts overall.

In regards to demography, she thinks we need large populations to reach the tipping point for collective consciousness.. there’s enough technology to take care of them, so overpopulation is not an issue…

Sasha said « justice for women » is what will allow women to bear children they can take care of… we need to celebrate them.

Entropy, time are an intellectual tool of our left-brain thinking.. Instead of intellectualizing and left-brain thinking, we need to access with all our molecules the divine and our higher levels of consciousness…  Tantra is a great tool for that, in order to connect to unity!

We know that we can go faster and are not limited to the speed of light.. the mathematic laws of entropy do not exist, it does only because of our left-brain thinking… We live in a connected universe, we’re way beyond Newton laws, we’re all interconnected and need to become aware of all this..

 You can view their interview here:

Here are their websites:


 I would like to thank again very much our 2 guest speakers that evening for their availability and patience, especially after all our technical issues with Skype, thank our attendees, and of course thank the team at l’ETRIER restaurant, who has provided us with such a warm welcome and excellent food!
We gave out to the attendees a CD-rom holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we planned to meet again on May 16th for our next event in Rouen!

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