36th UFO dinner event: Michael Schratt & Alfred Webre: From Black Programs to Positive Future timelines

We were gathered for this 36th and 2nd UFO dinner event of 2015, as well as the 2nd Awakening Meeting at l’ETRIER restaurant on February 28th, 2015. We hosted between 25 and about 30 attendees.
It was an extreme pleasure to welcome and follow with great interest our 2 remote prestigious guests Michael Schratt live from Tucson, Arizona and Alfred Webre in Vancouver in Canada, who presented to us for the 1st one some fascinating cases related to some technology hidden from the general public, and for the latter a journey on the highway lanes of our timelines, which encouraged us to follow a positive outlook on our present and future beyond appearances.

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  We had dinner at first before reaching our first speaker, which allowed me to share some videos about secret technology and aircrafts, testimonies of former NASA employees and the aerospace engineers, space weaponry and the secret space program, and technologies developed by DARPA, among which drones and other advanced robotics, the shadow government cooperating to acquire and develop exotic engineering, Andrew Basiago’s case, as well as our 2 evening speakers featured already in several TV documentary series (such as Hangar 1, Ancient Aliens, etc.).

It’s time to connect with Michael Schratt live from Arizona who discussed the following topics with us:
Where does the taxpayer’s money go and what is exactly this secret space program about? His sources are the military, air-traffic controllers, engineers of Lockheed Skunkworks, Boeing and Northrop Grumman. He began to mention the military black budgets of the US Air Force, the projects that were cancelled accounting for 52 billion dollars by Dick Cheney, Ben Rich’s quotes before his death in the 90s, a flight over power plants and over the Hudson Valley by a gigantic boomerang-shaped wing seen by numerous witnesses in 1984.


We followed up with the Belgian UFO wave, the Phoenix lights, an exotic plane sighting of a black triangle in 1989 above the North Sea which refueled during its flight..

BELGIUM UFO final rev 1

He spoke to us about a UFO crash case in May 1953 in Arizona, radars would have caused the soft landing of this UFO, then the object would have been transported up to the area 51 base, in the time period when it was known as a refueling base for the US Navy … In 1963 a retired US marine said to have seen a saucer suspended by a scaffold in a classified military hangar, more than one thousand witnesses in the South of the Illinois in January 2000 saw several big triangles flying over silently and accelerating at some breathtaking speed, another craft was seen by 4 witnesses above England in 1999, for which he created a cardboard model, in 1973, president Richard Nixon invited after a golf tournament in Florida the comedian Jackie Gleason to the Homestead Air Force base late in the evening, he showed him 6 extraterrestrial bodies in refrigerated containers, after Gleason went back to his home that very evening, his wife said that he was changed for life.

As for the secret X-planes, there is according to what Michael Schratt was told at least twice as many as the amount that was publicly revealed. The TR3B can go on to the Moon and back according to his contact, the former Area 51 engineer Edgar Fouche.
To get an idea of what those planes cost, when B-2 was released in 1988, each B-2 cost 2,3 billion Dollars, on the photo we see 4.

Ben Rich spoke about technology which allowed us to travel outside of our solar system, to go interstellar… in 1955, when we already looked at documents presented in trade magazines pertaining to the aerospace industry, 14 government agencies and subcontractors of the Defense Department already worked on the solutions to overcome the gravitation (anti-gravitation). Therefore they turned a major corner mastering this technology by the mid- 50’s on this research! There is no more ways today to make out an exotic E.T.-made aircraft from a man-made one!

Donald Rumsfeld, going back to black budgets for a moment, declared that 2,3 trillions were missing in the budget the day before September 11th.. In April, 1975, dozens of witnesses saw a silent triangle shining a beam of light in North Carolina and it hit the mainstream headline news. In 1958, above an aircraft carrier an enormous cigar was seen during 10 minutes by 25 Naval officers, 60 m in length.

 In 1952-1953, an autopsy of the body of what seemed to be a small grey had been performed by a forensic scientist at the Walter Reed Hospital in the US. In December 1980, one of the most famous cases in Texas, that of 3 witnesses Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and a child Colby Landrum saw a machine of almost 30m above the road shaped like a double ice-cream cone, it had on its heels once past 23 Chinook helicopters chasing it and the witness received radiation burns.. A report from the nuclear aviation Research Department gave evidence of their testing for this nuclear engine. According to Michael it was an unmanned test that turned out badly. Please discover for yourself the remaining of the video conference until his conclusions on the current status of research and the objectives for the black programs, the bases on the Moon, the colonization of other planets in our solar system and outside, do they get ready for an extraterrestrial attack? We are going to find out soon. We thanked him so much for the fascinating interview and his availability under a big round of applause.

You can view his interview here:


After a 5-minute break we connected with Alfred Webre who introduced himself as a futurologist, author and journalist based in Vancouver, Canada. His new book on the Omniverse has been published, where he speaks about a model of dimensional ecology and about an awakening to the positive timeline.

He gave us an estimate (made by 2 Stanford scientists) for the number of universes in the multiverse out there, the number is infinite … The omniverse = the multiverse + the spiritual dimensions. The spiritual dimensions include the intelligent civilizations of souls, the spiritual beings and God or Source. The second edition of his book is going to be published by an American publisher in December, 2015 under the title « The Omniverse ». He has a contact in Sweden also, the French version is available, if somebody is interested.

We now have scientific knowledge about Source or God, it’s not a matter of Faith anymore but Science.

He gave us the formula, the equation for the Creation of a positive future, because according to him, Time Science shows that our Earth is on a positive Timeline in our Hologram of space-time.

A Positive Future or the Positive Future Paradox = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

The key discovery he explained, is that a critical mass of humanity is capable of co-creating a positive future, by the conscious awareness that we are in synergy and traveling on a positive Timeline in the unity consciousness.

The positive paradox equation of our future replaced the old formula up to this day applied by the matrix institutions of negative bloodline Elites (governments, central banks, war industries, etc.) is not effective anymore! The old paradigm Problem + Reaction = Solution is way behind us!

Our ruling elites seem to follow a program which takes place on a negative Timeline in a different dimension. The current dimension of the Earth seems to be positive.

Although humanity has every objective reason to be optimistic about the future, large segments of humanity still reflect this Matrix power focus on a false catastrophic timeline. According to an April 14, 2014 Ipsos survey, In the West, 42% vs. 34% of people feel pessimistic about the future, despite the objective scientific reality that humanity is on a positive timeline. China, India, Brazil, Turkey and Russia are more optimistic than pessimistic for their young – but all other countries are more likely to think things will be worse rather than better. All the predicted catastrophies for after December 21, 2012 for example did not occur and will not occur. This 27-page paper is online in French as well on the website http://positivefuture.info/

He mentioned a one-time CIA Time-travel probe – the “Chronovisor” – undertaken in 1971 which found the US Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. under 100FT of water in 2013.

There were 2 other studies that also found Washington D.C. to be underwater : one in June 2013… In June 2010, Dr. Courtney Brown – a scholar scientist and « remote viewer », Founder and Director of the « Farsight Institute » assembled the largest number of military-trained « remote viewers » and they found in June 2013 a global coastal event that destroyed all and major coastal cities among which Washington D.C., cities in Asia etc…

A 3rd set of predictions by the well-known psychic remote viewer Edgar Cayce, who saw a global coastal event in the early 21st century. His book written in 1973, integrated the Earth sciences with his predictions, the same predictions that both the Chronovisor probe saw and Courtney Brown’s military remote viewers saw. It was documented in his book “The Age of Cataclysm”.

He described the history of the Chronovisor, from the Vatican probe and its official story up to CIA and DARPA, a probe which allows to see in the future and in the past. We can suggest that Nostradamus used a kind of « chronovisor » to make his predictions. This technology is well known in the esoteric circles, CIA developed it in the 60’s.

In June 2013, there were big meteor explosions in the skies above Russia. Dr Carl Joseph Calleman, a scholar, had studied the Mayan Time Calendar, which is a real study of Time science, and had stated that after December 21, 2012 a new era had started, to a new Timeline permanently. We are in a holographic reality, the timeline shifted, moved at that precise moment in time, he compared this shift of timeline with a video game in which we switched the memory card or the software program of the video game. We are led to believe and convince ourselves that we are in this negative timeline, this is why people do not follow the new positive timeline..

We are not in the old paradigm of war, disease and poverty! After December 21, 2012 the interdimensional portal in our holographic reality started to play a new game of unity consciousness… “We are One”, the old paradigm of the former timeline based on duality “I win you lose!” situation is over, the new consciousness brings Unity. All the plans of the Elites were made under the old duality timeline cannot get traction in thie new frequency, a much higher frequency of “we are one”, their reality is illusory, doesn’t exist, that’s why they cannot get WWIII started, although they’ve been trying!

Before June 2013, nothing occurred, for that specific reason! These meteors over Russia were the detritus, fragments of the old catastrophic timeline, that occurred in another dimension inside the catastrophic timeline, they did not make any damage in ours because we shifted into another timeline!

It is now time for the positive timeline to be acknowledged as a scientific reality by the scientific community in order to transform consciously a critical mass of ethical humans to awaken them to this new positive resonance! It only requires to change our minds, our collective mindset, and the positive timeline is going to follow … Humanity is based inside a virtual reality composed of multiple parallel timelines, such as a highway in 3D density, we can visualize timelines as a space-time hologram on a multilane highway.

The false warnings have no reason to materialize, the new timeline, the positive unity consciousness contribute to the fact we changed the script. These psychics and remote viewers saw a false forecast.
There are 2 or 4D holograms, the 2D chronovisor is like a TV set, time is a dimension with height, width, depth and time, those 4 dimensions describe the space-time hologram in which we, as non-local intelligent souls, are embedded inside avatars, physical bodies in this virtual reality, in order to develop our souls until we become more and more creator-like…

Only a certain portion of the 7 billion humans that are on this positive timeline shift are aware of that right now.. It varies by subject, there is a rapid awakening going on, but people are mind-controlled, such as when they may be generally aware, but when the dark forces create “Charlie Hebdo”, a false flag event, people regress back to the catastrophic timeline, which is an illusion and artificial idea of catastrophy, under mind-controlled confusion. For example: the Rothschild family had bought the Charlie Hebdo building 2 weeks before the false flag of January 7, 2015. They brought in a traveling military intelligence company that performs false flags, in Ottawa, Boston, Paris and Copenhagen. A CIA predecessor squad called “Operation 40” was created by Eisenhower in the 50’s and assassinated famous people (JFK, MLK, Malcom X, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon).. but now they graduated to “crisis actors”, they have a troop of crisis actors going cities to cities putting on false flags. It’s been taken over since by the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Rothschilds, it works like a film crew.. using markers on the streets or sidewalks for where the actors are supposed to fall down or pick up a shoe, it’s just like a film, except that it’s not a film, they’re filming for the news!
In 1914, the assassination of the Archiduc Ferdinand was a false flag, but since the Earth was on a catastrophic timeline, they could start WWI with all of its carnage, but now they tried with the Charlie Hebdo false flag in Paris, but it was unsuccessful, because the Earth is on a different timeline and frequency.

Certain countries in the East (Russia, Greece, etc..) are now working with advanced E.T.s who are working on the positive timeline, the West works more with negative manipulatory reptilian E.T.s who are riding the catastrophic timeline, that’s why they’re not getting anywhere, it’s not happening for them, they live in an illusory reality! Those groups trying to manipulate us for false wars with false flags, are unsuccessful!

This new timeline agenda is based on the trajectory of our Earth with regard to the center of our galaxy, the Mayan calendar, a complex mapping, and the development of our consciousness inside our galaxy, our universe and Earth, everything is interconnected!
2015-2017: Enormous breakthrough… More and more positive things will occur, many positive ETs says that in 2017 a shift of collective consciousness for the critical mass will tip towards the positive, and the matrix is going to fall over. 2020-2025: final transition towards a new paradigm. Current battles between these interdimensional forces and the positive ethical fleet will bring down the negative forces.. the Dates are not set in stone. Everything depends on how policies will be applied…

He gave us a list of measures and policies to apply to ride the positive timeline. Please view the entire video interview for details…. His final words: take the time to read his paper on the positive timeline, translated into French, it can change your life:


 I would like to thank again very much our 2 guest speakers that evening for their availability and patience, thank our attendees, and of course thank the team at l’ETRIER restaurant, who has provided us with such a warm welcome and excellent food!
We gave out to the attendees a CD-rom holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we planned to meet again on April 4th for our next event in Rouen!

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