33rd UFO dinner event: Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Quantum Hologram, Consciousness and Space Exploration

We were gathered for this 33rd UFO dinner event at l’ETRIER restaurant on November 15th, 2014.  We hosted about 30 attendees.  We were deeply honored to welcome Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut on the moon and the utmost respected consciousness researcher of our modern era.. and also Randy Cramer, a US Marine Captain who came forward to speak about his involvement with the Earth Defense Force on Mars.

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 With Edgar Mitchell, who devoted over an hour to us, we’ve spoken about the following topics:
Roswell, the place where he grew up, and several witness accounts attesting to the UFO crash in 1947.
His 40 years of Research on Consciousness: the Quantum hologram theory of physics and Consciousness, from Max Planck to Walter Schemp, from the 19th to the 21st century, we’ve spent these past 400 years since the 17th century including Newton and Kepler to be able to understand and add the notion of “Consciousness and Awareness” to the only admitted criteria to describe the nature of all things until then: matter and energy!
Matter particles emit radiation: information database and the Akashic records are connected.
Quantum particle intrication: from micro to macrocosm. Consciousness is a property of nature.
What makes consciousness a non-local entity although it shows itself in our physical body?
The Point Zero energy studied at Quantrek: the foundation, the basis for all laws of Physics (in our dimension). Laws of Physics could be different in other dimensions, our cosmos is infinite.

His involvement and support for FREE (Foundation ffor Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), managed by Rey Hernandez whom we’ve had the pleasure to interview a couple of times.
He’s positioned himself as a Cosmologist, not religious at all, he pointed out the Inquisition, and the separation of Consciousness knowledge by religions and sciences becoming purely materialistic.
The Moon : his Enlightment in space along with the other Astronauts’ similar experience, the Apollo 14 mission and the “Overview Effect”: his Enlightment experience and awakening to the “Space cosmic consciousness”… his moment of awareness connected to cosmic Unity, which is also a known phenomenon throughout ancient cultures on Earth.
Intuition and the 6th Sense, in fact our true 1st Sense… he gave examples or our pets’ intuition in our everyday life.
We mentioned the Apollo 20 mission: a fictitious mission that never took off, which would have been his next mission, but he retired prior to the project.
Tangible and credible photos of « E.T. buildings » on the dark side of the Moon have been taken by some Astronauts, but he didn’t take any himself.
Mainstream science: UFO and E.T. contact cover-up and disclosure…
Nuclear power and ETs: former military personnel testifed about UFO interaction at Nuclear silos during the cold war.
Noetic sciences and space exploration: are ESP the key to interstellar travel?
His message to the Ets and to mankind.

We can thank Edgar again for his patience and availability. It was a really great moment for all of us!

Randy Cramer, our next speaker that evening, was able to give his regards to Dr. Mitchell via Skype, just before he had to leave, right after our big round of applause.

 You can view Edgar’s interview here:

also available with this link: http://youtu.be/bJhJOCOgccM

Here are a few links related to Dr. Mitchell’s efforts:

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-kIPun5_hIqA/U-ba4rrj4rI/AAAAAAAAAFY/bhNLnKds8rc/w2002-h1992/LOGO%2BBANNER%2BFINAL%2B3.jpg Institute of Noetic Sciences


During our dinner and before connecting again with our 2nd speaker for an interview, we browsed through the latest news, among which pseudo-drones or UFOs flying over all the French power plants, the Rosetta space probe, signs of life on Mars, and potential Black budget funding information for the Secret Space Program.

I’ll just simply mention again this information brought out in 2013 regarding a huge « black budget » amount of money missing and unaccounted for by the US Defense Department since 1996: http://youtu.be/j4dzECaBxFU

It was Randy Cramer’s turn to join us:

Michael Salla found a pseudo name for Randy, Captain Kaye at the beginning a year ago, he’s been testifyins under his real name since then and lately.
He spoke to us about:
The Secret Space Program and Project Moon Shadow: Travel to Mars – wormholes and the TR3B
His « pre-birth » recruiting, his augmented DNA, his parents not aware of it until recently, he was picked at birth.
His first trip to Mars, right after his Moon trip to a base (craft, military personnel, clothing, wormhole, etc.)..
His mission: protect several human colonies on Mars.
Infantry at first, became a pilot after a few years.
Patrols: mission on some planet’s satellites in our solar system, bombarded the greys on Ganymede near Jupiter.
The content of his Mars assignment under the « Earth Defense Force » Command.
The atmosphere on Mars and the Subterranean Martian civilization.
Bases and human colonies on Mars: their goal, life on Mars, the military base, patrols, abducted with his crew by reptilians for 6 months, underground life and conditions on the Mars surface.
His combat experience, major injuries repaired by cell regeneration technology, etc…
2 Global Investment Funds handling human colonies and military bases on Mars and in the solar system: the MCC for civilians (Mars Colony Corporation) and the MDF for the military (Mars Defense Force).
Disclosure: he is the first SSP soldier to testify publicly… more will come soon. He’s been following his former command’s advice a year ago to go public.
Credibility for his case: no backfire, lawsuits or threats from the US military or government since he’s gone public.
Willingness to disclose publicly has come: on the technological and medical level, etc… the SSP incredible high-tech progress can benefit Mankind on Earth directly.
Secrecy has become the Elites’ worst enemy, they don’t have the support of the masses nor of many elected members: they want to rid the systemic corruption.. only to serve our species’ evolution and save the planet Earth.
Negative side tight now: a cartel of « human » predators puts together a « super race of genetically-augmented humans» on Mars, a new elite…
His final message: get involved, participate more to your community to make things change. Masses are a much more substantial number versus small corrupt elite. It’s an “exopolitical” and social message altogether.

Here’s Randy’s interview:


and his website: http://www.earthcitizenconsulting.org/

 I would like to thank again very much our 2 guest speakers that evening where we made history, thank our attendees, and of course thank the team at l’ETRIER restaurant, who has provided us with such a warm welcome!

I gave out to the attendees who were interested a CD-rom holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we planned to meet again in December for the last event of 2014!

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