32nd UFO dinner event: Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Channeling and Close Encounters

We were gathered for this 32nd UFO dinner event at l’ETRIER restaurant on October 18th, 2014.  We hosted about 50 attendees, the themes seemed to trigger some major interest.  I had to say no to 10 more people who wanted to attend, the restaurant had reached maximum capacity. We hosted on site 1 regional speaker from Normandy with his 5 psychic field mates, Frank Gimer, and via Skype live from Lyon, Maryline Belgy, as well as our surprise guest, Cassandra Vanzant, a psychic channeler and E.T. contactee from Sedona, Arizona, who saw her abilities develop after her NDE (Near Death Experience), in order to tell us about their psychic experiences,; their close encounters with star beings or extradimensional beings, and channeling.

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Here’s the powerpoint presentation for the event, in French :

Programme Dîner Ovni 32

After my short presentation of the event via powerpoint, we welcomed our first speaker, Maryline Belgy, from Lyon: after reading her book’s back cover to mention the topics expressed in her first book « les bienséants » (« The correct ones »), her close encounters with those beings. Here you can view her sensitive, sensible and sincere interview, including peace and love messages meant to awaken humankind so that it doesn’t repeat the same mistakes from the past, and does not head for disaster:

http://youtu.be/SraADw9MstM  (in French only)

Here is her website where you can find her book along with more interviews :  http://maryline-belgy.com

We thanked her very much, and had dinner before Frank came on to speak.

We showed a few consciousness awakening messages, the monthly UFO news, and the « humor piece » in which we were able to enjoy a very significant and symbolic short video here:

Then it was Frank Gimer’s turn to speak, he presented us his story, how his mediumship and clairvoyance came about, how it all works, his E.T. contact experience with a female Lyrian, and he gives the floor for a few moment to Micheline, his field mate and Reiki master. Here’s the interview :

http://youtu.be/yJ1hmixHULM  (in French only)

His website is available here : http://frank-medium.com/

We thanked them and his 6 people crew very much since they had to leave, and welcomed Cassandra Vanzant a bit behind on schedule unfortunately on our end live from Sedona in Arizona. She only had 20 mn to dedicate to us from that specific time on, and spoke to us about her contact experiences, and channeled an E.T. message for our group, which I translated trhough her. Here’s the video interview here:

We thanked her very much for her patience and availability, she had to go on an appointment, you can find out about artistic work, channeling messages and her range of psychic gifts and skills she makes available to the public on her websites: www.Cassandravanzant.com




I would like to thank again very much our 4 speakers that evening, thank our attendees, and of course thank the team at l’ETRIER restaurant, who has provided us with such a warm welcome!

I gave out to the attendees who were interested a CD-rom holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we planned to meet again in november for anotrer consciousness raising sessionl!

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