30th UFO dinner event: Exoconsciousness and Starseeds

We were gathered for this 30th UFO dinner event since the beginning and the 5th one of the year at l’ETRIER restaurant on May 17th, 2014. We hosted almost 40 attendees, 2 guest speakers honored us with their presence via Skype from Washington D.C., Rebecca Hardcastle who will talk to us about Exoconsciousness at first, and from Las Vegas next with Miesha Johnston who will tell us about her experience and about starseeds.

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We welcomed via Skype our first speaker Rebecca, who talked to us about her Exoconsciousness concept, the signs of our connection with our stellar origins in our DNA, our telepathic, parapsychic, psychic abilities, as well as the overview of individual and group Consciousness Research, Healing energies, measuring experiments for our cognitive capabilities, the frequencies used and growth techniques for our right brain area.  She mentioned as an example for telepathic download Joan of Arc, a symbolic figure whose life ended tragically in Rouen, in our Normandy region. You can watch her interview by clicking on the following link, and for more information about her education coaching and classes about Exoconsciousness she makes available on her website: http://www.exoconsciousness.com/ :

We had dinner outside on the back patio and took advantage of this beautiful sunny summer evening, and came back inside later on to meet with Miesha Johnston in Las Vegas via Skype,who talked to us about her amazing experiences and life story, her month-long missing time periods, her starseed, experiencer and mind control victim background, the thought process that led her to put together support groups for experiencers and contactees, as much for adults today as for teenagers and children in the past.  We browsed through mind control programs (MK Ultra, etc.) and Milabs (Military Abductions), Miesha’s book with Melinda Leslie about Milabs, and found out her own vision of reptilians has changed regarding the various beings she’s encountered. Her experiences came to a halt when she asked to have them stop.  We discovered an evolution in hybrid children after many years of experimentation and their introduction among us.

We can come up with the following conclusion after her speech, which will give a chance to those in favor of the « all negative ET » idea or the « All positive » to nuance a bit: there are as many agendas as ET species or interdimensional beings visiting us, and they can differ amongst the sames species or factions, we can draw an obvious parallel with Human beings, therefore an overview of their diversity can be reflected upon the effects of close encounters, according to the person that experiences them, the context, their background, and also the pre-birth spiritual contract for the consciousness temporarily incarnated in our physical body, a contract our conscious awareness has forgotten, and also based upon our star origins when we are a « starseed », a star born mortal, a human being with galactic/alien DNA. Here is her interview, the Powerpoint presentation she used, you can also find out more on her website, and also join her online support group sessions with other experiencers and contactees (in English): http://starseedawakening.org/ :

Power Pt. Prest. Short Awakening conference

 You can also check out the starseed description and questionnaire on Miesha’s website, it will allow you to figure out whether you are a Starseed or not: http://starseedawakening.org/about/


I would like to thank again so much both our speakers from the other side of the big pond that evening, thank our attendees, and of course thank the team at l’ETRIER restaurant, who has provided us with such a warm welcome!

I gave out to the attendees who were interested a CD-rom holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we’re planning to meet again in September, wishing happy holidays to all!

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