29th UFO dinner event: Cosmic Healers

We were gathered for this 4th UFO dinner event of the year at l’ETRIER restaurant on May 17th, 2014. We hosted about 20 attendees for this 29th meeting since the very first one, 4 guest speakers honored us with their presence via Skype for our « world Tour » in Minnesota first, then in Arizona, in California next, to end up in Miami, Florida last.

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Here are the Powerpoint presentations for the evening program, and the ET healing topics (in French):

Programme DO29

Intro guérisons ET

Here are our 4 speakers in the order they joined us:

David Armstrong


Preston Dennett


Rosemary Carr

Rey Hernandez


We actually thank all our speakers from the other side of the big pond that evening, thank our attendees who have had the attention span to stick with us till the end of the event, and of course thank the warm welcome and excellent menu put together for us by the team of the l’ETRIER restaurant, who has rewarded us with their great mood and extensive flexibility!

I gave out to each attendee a CD holding some additional infos regarding the event‘s themes and speakers, and we’re planning to meet again next time.

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