27th UFO Dinner Event: Cosmic families and Hybrids

We were gathered for this 2nd UFO dinner event of the year at the l’ETRIER restaurant on March 8th, 2014. We hosted about 25 attendees for this 27th meeting since the very first one, 6 guest speakers honored us with their presence via Skype for our « world Tour » in the Jura region first, then in Oregon, in Hawaii next, to end up in 3 different spots in Arizona last.

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We began with a Powerpoint presentation of the themes and speakers for the evening event:

Programme DO27

We welcomed our first French speaker, Maxime Valentin live from Jura, he told us about his personal experiences, his inner feeling of being an « experiencer » and father of hybrid children, he’s showing us drawings and graphics, and his work for the « Harmonious Earth » and « Hybrid Children Community » groups. He also mentions to us the future community project in Glastonbury, England, in order to welcome hybrid children. His interview is in French only: http://youtu.be/RFVW0548b6w

Here are 2 English web links where you can read more about his role for those 2 groups:



Next we welcomed Carlos Rius, from a mountainous area in Oregon, Founder of « Galactic families », who described his background as an « experiencer » since he was a child. He’s had 2 conscious experiences on board the E.T. ship, but has been contacted numerous times and receives telepathic, astral and physical messages.  He gave us his point of view about the Hybrid program overall, and his very fertile role as a father of many hybrids throughout the cosmos from diverse species. According to him, it’s the fear of the unknown, of what looks different and of our cosmic origins common to all of us that is scaring us and keeping us from understanding the real beneficial agenda to our evolution behind the hybridization program!

I took the opportunity that Carlos was with us to briefly explain the various dimensions and densities described through channeling with a reptilian hybrid called Trev by Rob Gauthier presented here, offering a new perspective for our very limited and linear-based view of the way the universe is structured: http://youtu.be/zsjXgMB2QeQ


Here’s Carlos’ website where you can find out more on ways he and his team offer to connect with your hybrid children. In his own words as follows is his mission statement « our mission is to identify and connect to our Families out in the galaxies, and to help others do the same, as we are all galactic humans with family all over the universe. »: http://www.galacticfamilies.com/Who_We_Are.html

We’re welcoming next our Channeler in Maui, Hawaii, Shaun Swanson, who offered us a live channeling session with our group, channeling via Ishuwa, a member of the Yahyel civilisation, those who will come first to initiate an official open contact with manking soon. He was delivering hopeful words from Ishuwa to us, such as « we must follow our heart and intuition, our entire perception is connected to the source, and the Yahyels are here to assist us with our Ascent and free ourselves from our system based on separation, friction, pain, and we’ll be able to live in fulness and unconditional love each day without interruption and in perfect resonance with their civilisation »:

Here are 2 websites where you can find out more about Shaun Swanson :



and his book :       Ishuwa and the Yahyel - Our Human Hybrid Children: Human ETs, Open Contact

We then welcome our 3rd guest speaker, Bridget Nielsen, based in Sedona, Arizona, who founded the Hybrid Children Community and Harmonious Earth, she explains to us her objectives and the plans her community and group have to shift to a new Earth, and also her role for channeling these new positive energy frequencies through the Earth’s Chakra points, in order to neutralize opposing negative frequencies, as well as to prepare for welcoming hybrid children within the next few years. Unfortunately my battery ran out before I put a new one in, and didn’t allow me to record the last few minutes of her fascinating interview, I apologize:

Here are a few links to find out more about Bridget’s mission and work :




We moved onto the 2nd part of our evening with a visit from our human/extraterrestrial hybrid speakers, Cynthia Crawford joins us first, she’s named the « E.T. Sculptor » in the US, from Apache Junction near Superstition Mountain in Arizona.

Here is her interview, in which she talks to us about her experience, her physical and psychic differences, her childhood and adulthood, a bit marginalized by others regarding her « hybrid » status, the frequencies she channels into her E.T. sculptures can provide healing and E.T. contact, she also mentions a split into 2 Earths with souls who will remain in this 3rd dimension/density and those who will ascend to a higher dimension, our « terrestrial » experience only means a schooling, a learning process for our « ascension »:

Following is a message from one of her guides – Sekhmet – that she gave to us a short while after the event, and which is good to keep in mind here, because she’s given us the main teachings during her interview: « We no longer have time to waste with all that is going on and will be happening to humanity and Mother Earth, so we are being asked to be in our complete power through staying out of judgment, prejudice and fear, using unconditional Love and Light 24/7 and not just when we think of it. We must be the examples for humanity, understanding that all beings throughout the Universe are creations of the Source, even those of the dark side, for duality is necessary for lessons to be learned, thus ascension to occur. »

Here’s her web site where you can explore further and get to know more about her case, her experience and her work: http://etsculptor.com/

We welcome our second to last speaker near Phoenix, Arizona, Viviane Chauvet, who spoke to us about her Arcturian hybrid experience among us and the awakening of our consciousness to assist us with « ascension » (ascent)..

Right after her birth in Montreal she was taken to an anglophone children hospital to be studied, she had a body twice smaller than a regular child skeleton, and her luscular mass very poor, her organs not all correctly placed, etc. On the intuitive level, she’s also got a superior perception. She was sent her as a teacher, 5 times on Earth, to help people remember their divine roots.  There’s been major Earth changes and we are receiving energetic transmissions from higher dimensions like never before, lots of information is coming to us but sincewe do forget who we are and because of our social human formating we have a hard time identifying and deciphering them, thus she steps in as our guide. Here are her last words during her interview to think over et to follow as well: « Have confidence in yourselves, you’re getting some help, you need to know that we are being loved and admired to be here inside a physical human body (or almost human in her case), we are supported all thoughout our creation, it’s at the same time difficult, it’s a phenomenal effort and it’s tremendously beautiful!  Follow your intuition, call for your guides, you have a whole team whos’ working for you, shine more light from your coronal chakra, release all this negativity you don’t need, remember that you are divine beings. »

Her interview is in French only: http://youtu.be/F3VZ7ZIPBZc

Here’s her web profile: http://www.starseeds.net/profile/VivianeChauvet

It’s very late, and right away, we apologized to Jujuolui Kuita named « Juju » for her long wait for her turn to come on, she’s a reptilian hybrid, the only representative of her planet here called Faqui.  She’s able to join us for a few minutes before the restaurant has to close, but we promised her that we’ll invite her again soon.

She talked to us about her more or less appreciated appearance on Jesse Ventura « Conspiracy Theory » TV show (http://weareamongyou.tripod.com/Encounters.html) which according to her didn’t contribute to express the benevolent and peaceful intentions of the reptilian race and faction she represents because much of her emotions and reactions have been displayed out of context and staged in a slightly negative way, and also talked about her book « we’re among you already » and an upcoming one:

699820Here’s in her own words (she sent to us post-event) what she thinks her star family would wish: « I feel my star-family would want humanity to understand that all events and experiences occurring on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos are ALL a part of the Divine journey of individual souls. I.E. – Hybrids are created for a reason. What makes it challenging, is that our perspective is so small in the grand scheme of things because we don’t understand – there is so much we don’t know. Try to put yourself in the ET’s perspective if you can, and enjoy expanding your mind!»

Here’s her interview :

You can find her web sites there:



We thanked her for her great patience and gave her another opportunity to meet again. It was very late and the restaurant has to close.

We actually thank all our speakers from around the world that night, thank our attendees who have had the attention span to stick with us till the end of the event, and of course thank the warm welcome and excellent menu put together for us by the team of the l’ETRIER restaurant, who has rewarded us with their great mood and extensive flexibility!

I gave out to each attendee a CD holding some additional infos regarding the event ‘s themes and speakers, and committed ourselves to meet for another event date next month, keeping in mind the extent of our greatly expanded cosmic family!

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