FreedomUFOS Conference in Paris : The Matrix, Black Projects and Extraterrestrial Presence: friends or foes? New Era and Multidimensionality

 1st ever Freedomufos Conference in Paris with 2 speakers on site: 

Kerry Cassidy : The Matrix, Black Projects and Extraterrestrial Presence: Friends or Foes?

Christèle Hachette : New Era and Multidimensionality

Friday, September 5th, 2014

6 PM  –  9 PM

Dorothy’s Gallery 27, rue Keller, Paris 11ème

Métro Bastille or Voltaire

Parking : 121 av. Ledru Rollin and Opéra Bastille

La galerie3Join us to the First ever FreedomUFOs Conference in Paris: 2 live on-site speakers are scheduled 

Limited Seating up to 60 people, Entrance Fee 15€, book your ticket a.s.a.p. by phone (33) 06 83 03 68 94 or by email, or by online reservation:

Friday September 5th, 2014 : 2 conferences for 15€

Kerry interviewed by Jimmy Church

Kerry Cassidy
Whistleblower, Contactee, Sociologist, Journalist and Actress, Truthseeker and Activist, Kerry will be among us in Paris during her European Tour

She founded Project Camelot, which is meant to represent an alternative media for investigation, and conducts sensitive interviews on all 4 corners of the world, away from the mainstream single-minded approach, about many hot topics among which Extraterrestrial presence, the New World Order, the future of mankind and our planet which are closely linked. She will speak about the folowing topics:

The Matrix, Black Projects and Extraterrestrial Presence: Friends or Foes?

The Shadow or Secret Government has grown in leaps and bounds since WWII whose primary raison d’être became the Secret Space Program. This program involves Black Projects that use newly invented and acquired technologies with the help of treaties and relationships over time with various ET races, both on and off planet.

She will cover the ET visitation to Planet Earth, our allies and adversaries and how conscious awareness of the multi-verse and truth behind the Matrix can empower you to deal with this brave new world.

You can look up her website :

SPACE COMMAND - 2nd Interview w/Capt. Mark Richards

Our 2nd speaker that evening:


Christèle Hachette
Psychic Therapist, Indigo Starseed and Spiritual Teacher

Passionate about macrocosm and microcosm throughout the destiny of Humans and their mutation, she delivers information and guides beings on their initiatory path. Her journey as an Indigo person is a unique perspective for those wishing to gain access to their multidimensionality. She will talk to us about the following themes:

New Era and Multidimensionality

In these troubled times we’re currently going through, we know deep within us that they are foreshadowing a New Era for Mankind.

 But what is this new era? This New Paradigm so longed for and praised by some ancient occult traditions. From the responsible and multidimensional being offered by these new energies for transmutation, we have the choice to transcend ourselves and reach our best.

As a Indigo Starseed, psychic therapist and coach, Christèle will share her experience and mystical knowledge, along with her overview of collective evolution towards a potential Awakening.

Keys to take back your inner power and foil the traps set by Transhumanism will be given to you… it will be up to you to take advantage of them!!!

If you want to know more and

The Event Flyer is available here:

Conference Paris Eng


conf Paris US Eng

Image1Contact Marc Gray :   (33) 06 83 03 68 94 

Events and Conferences


PARIS, FRANCE – September 5, 2014  –  6:00-7:30PM (18:00 TO 19:30)

1st ever Freedomufos Conference in Paris


Dorothy’s Gallery, American Center for the Arts

Venue Website:

Venue Location: 27, rue Keller – 75011 PARIS / 01 43 57 08 51 / Métro Bastille, Voltaire

1ères Conférences FreedomUFOs inédites à Paris – Kerry Cassidy (Vendredi 5 Septembre)

1ères Conférences FreedomUFOs inédites à Paris avec 2 conférencières sur place : Kerry Cassidy : Matrice, projets secrets et présence Extraterrestre : amis ou ennemis ? Christèle Hachette : Ere nouvelle et multidimensionnalité Le Vendredi 5  septembre 2014 entrée 15€ 18:00  –  21:00 Dorothy’s Gallery au 27, rue Keller, Paris 11ème Métro Bastille…

Lire la suite …


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