1st EXO-CONTACT Conferences in Rouen


Banner datesConf engDenis Denocla, Peter Knight, Rey Hernandez, Cynthia Crawford, Mary Rodwell, Starina, Joanne Summerscales, Minanda, Kerry Cassidy, Miesha Johnston, Viviane Chauvet…

faces frSaturday June 7  2014 3:30 PM – 9:30PM

 Sunday June 8  2014 10:00AM – 9PM

Restaurant Bar Brasserie L’ETRIER 75, Avenue du 14 juillet 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen, 10 minutes or less from downtown Rouen


Join us on June 7th and 8th for the EXO-CONTACT conferences in Rouen. 11 conferences are scheduled.

For the first time in Rouen, we will be hosting 11 speakers – UFO researchers, Hypnotherapists, Contactees, Hybrids, Experiencers, Authors -, on site and via Skype conferencing in order to present to you a new perspective of Extraterrestrial Contact and their world vision, from a broader and Exo-consciousness aspect.

Saturday June 7th / 4 conferences:

4PM-5PM: Denis Denocla (The « Ummo » perspective, a civilization from planet Ummo)

5:30PM-6:30PM: Peter Knight (From « the invaders » TV series to the New World Order)

7PM-8PM: Rey Hernandez (The science of consciousness behind the Extraterrestrial contacts, introduction to F.R.E.E.)

8:30PM-9:30PM: Cynthia Crawford (Teachings from an E.T. hybrid sculptor)

Sunday June 8th / 7 conferences:

10:30AM-11:30AM: Joanne Summerscales (Support group for « experiencers » in England)

12PM-1PM: Starina (Galactic Healings and Sacred Symbols of the Stars)

2:30PM-3:30PM: Mary Rodwell (Hypnotherapy, The New Humans)

4PM-5PM: Minanda (Extraterrestrial consciousness and Cosmic Love)

5:30PM-6:30PM: Kerry Cassidy (Robotic Superman vs. Angelic Human Empowerment for the Future)

7PM-8PM : Miesha Johnston (Starseeds & Experiencers: higher consciousness consent?)

8PM-9PM : Viviane Chauvet (Teachings from an Arcturian)

UFO Congress Rouen Eng UFO Congress Rouen Eng

1st EXO-CONTACT Conference speaker schedule

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Conference Speaker Program

MENU SPECIAL for Exo-contact Conference: Saturday Dinner and Sunday brunch available

Event Location Map

Public Transportation

Lodging: 34 available Hotels in Sotteville-Les-Rouen and surroundings

Outdoor Dining and Brunch under the Tent


Bar Brasserie L’ETRIER 75, Avenue du 14 juillet 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen, 10 minutes from downtown Rouen.

Conference Rates:

Pass for Saturday June 14/ 4 conferences : 10 euros

Pass for Sunday June 15/ 7 conferences : 15 euros

EXO-CONTACT Conferences (2 Day Pass) : 20 euros

EXO-CONTACT  Conferences (2 Day Pass) : 10 euros with a VIP access code


Image1Contact Marc Gray : PLavigne767@hotmail.fr  06 83 03 68 94 


Image8 entreehttps://yt3.ggpht.com/-cmGuKALmrD4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/gU1xn0DyBYg/s100-c-k-no/photo.jpg


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