1st ever Freedomufos Conference in Paris


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About 50 attendees joined us in Paris for this 1st conference set up by Marc Gray and FreedomUFO on Friday September 5  2014!

We had some noise disturbance at the beginning as Kerry Cassidy pointed out in her European Tour report, but we were able to make it through pretty much correctly until the end.

Some of us were able to meet with her and her friend Neil at a nearby restaurant after the conferences and share some valuable information over a good meal.

Kerry Cassidy

The Matrix, Black Projects and Extraterrestrial Presence: Friends or Foes?




After Kerry was done, Christèle Hachette spoke in French about the topics she came to develop, you can view her conference on youtube as well : http://youtu.be/XINN0yMN3SA

www.crystaleindigo.com and www.christelehachette.com

Marc Gray had the final word in French, in order to thank everyone and mention his investigative reports, and everything else he offers, most of it via his website: http://youtu.be/y98hkVNKhYk

We need to thank all our attendees who for some came a long way (England, Belgium, Germany, the US, the South of France, etc.), Dorothy Polley, the Gallery owner for having us over, and our 2 speakers Kerry Cassidy and Christèle Hachette, BTLV Radio whose posters we put up on the walls, who helped us make the event known. All of them contributed to make it a sucessful event.. The seed is planted in Paris, we can now envision more gatherings to come!

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