Tonia Madenford and Frank Jacob: Time Travel and Teleportation! 50th UFO dinner event & 16th Awakening Meeting


We were gathered for this 50th UFO Dinner Event and 16th Awakening Meeting at the L’Etrier Restaurant this past June 25th. We counted about 15 attendees for this 6th dinner of 2016. We hosted with great pleasure our speakers via Skype, Tonia Madenford and Frank Jacob live from German Bavaria where they came back to a few hours earlier from Australia to meet our venue schedule.  They took us on a journey to all 4 corners of the Earth and the US, on their quest for information on the underground space program and secret technologies that they described in their movie « Packing for Mars », focusing on the evening’s topics: Time Travel, Teleportation, the Chronovisor, worm holes and stargates, among other matters.

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We began with a presentation on screen for this 50th UFO dinner (a Powerpoint and my comments), and had dinner, during which we showed the monthly updates and several videos connected to that evening’s topics, about Andy Basiago, Projects Montauk and Pegasus, teleportation and time travel, the chronovisor, Project Looking Glass, stargates, film clips from « Packing for Mars » and « Solar Revolution ».

After Dinner, we connected with Tonia and Frank for their presentation and discussion that lasted about 2 hours.  Here’s the video for their speaking visit:

For another recording angle from the room, you can view this link here too: 

Tonia Madenford Frank Jacob DORouen 50

Tonia & Frank had been up for 36 hours since they left Australia and scheduled their flight earlier so that they could be back in Bavaria on time for our discussion.

We began discussing the Project Pegasus by DARPA, with Andrew Basiago, who is featured in the film.  They spent 3 entire days with Andy Basiago, in the film he was featured only between 5 to 10 minutes.

Tonia added that they did like with Mulder & Scully from X-Files, and they went to the teleportation testing locations, which they added to the movie.

Frank added that according to Andy, regarding the teleportation experiments, is that they had to use the children, children are not so fixed in their beliefs and their idology, adults have fixed beliefs, that’s why they were chosen for the program.

Someone mentioned the « Fringe » TV series.

Tonia said they actually used (per Andy Basiago) the secret space program to conceal the program itself.

Ernst Senkowski mentioned in the movie that Father Pellegrino Ernetti was the first inventor in the 20th century for the Chronovisor for the Vatican, to recreate events in history, to check on the validity of some events.  Later, that program, according to Senkowski, was seized by the Vatican and moved out of sight and taken so nobody would have it because it was too dangerous.

The Chronovisor was taken over by DARPA, moved into the private sector so that there would be no requirements to report for taxpayers.  For example when NASA procures funding for projects, there’s an open record on the money collected and spent.  They took these projects to the private sector, which allowed them to build this « Breakaway Civilization ».

Tonia then talked about Ernst Senkowski, who since the movie came out, passed away, he was the grandfather of ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication), he was in « Solar Revolution » too, their previous film.  He had the knowledge about the chronovisor, as did Andy Basiago, who claims the chronovisor was used in Project Pegasus.  They were able to peer into the timeline and capture film into that timeline.  It appeared in black & white imaging, as if they were filming a hollogram.

They were able to set up a holographic field in the room that the instrument was set up in.  Like an musical instrument, an organ, father Ernetti was a musician, and had a PHD in Physics, sort of like sound resonance into the magnetosphere, kind of what they discussed in « Solar Revolution ».

Everything that has ever been done, thought, said is stored in the Earth’s magnetosphere like on a giant computer hard drive.  It can be recaptured with the right instruments, the chronovisor was such an instrument.  They filmed what was projected into their room and those were the recordings.

It was described like a microchip film like those black & white films you’d find in a library.  Ernst Senkowski – like with ITC – also described the other chronovisor he dealt with, it was an interactive experience with it, it wasn’t just a device but the consciousness behind it operating this technology, only special persons could operate it.

They got excited when they found out that Senkowki was going to get interviewed for the film, he authored a major book about it, but unfortunately the Vatican had taken the plans for the Chronovisor in custody.

Like it is the case with the people involved with these programs, they recapture their memory later on in life, just like Andy Basiago did, from when he was a child.  It began to emerge many years later.  The only evidence we can find that DARPA had used it, is when they sought out the locations of where these children had been brought to and where the Chronovisor was used.

Neighbors at one of the locations received a visit from another participant to those programs years later, other than Basiago.

So many of those Hollywood movies bring up such stories as science fiction, they must have some pretty well-informed contacts in the secret programs.  There’s so much truth in these films, it looks like they set up some type of disclosure in their movies.  The mass public will go out  and watch it as entertainment, when they disclose the truth, they’ll be ready for it (Avatar, Contact, Montauk chairs, Chronovisor, Mind control, etc..).

It’s a lot for people to swallow that there is such a program, but like in « Packing for Mars » inspired by the book « Alternative 3 », they take people off planet on « batch consignment » and remove their memories and insert artificial memories into people, this is mentioned a lot, these techniques have been around since the 50’s.

Duncan O’Finnan, as a former supersoldier in the program, has testified in their movie, they need the soldiers for 20 to 30 years.  By the time they spend 2 to 3 years training them for basic training.

As people begin to emerge with memories, they remember enough details over time. Corey Goode and Randy cramer were brainwashed and had their minds erased, for example they actually remembered years later details that correlated with each other. Same between Duncan and Miranda, he piloted and crashed a ship on Mars, Miranda went in and located Duncan’s spirit who disconnected from his body.

Not all Mars recruits had their memories erased. Some have full conscious memory.

From some of these child programs, other children started to emerge and corroborated their stories. They went to drop zones and places where they congregated, where those time travel and chronovisor technologies were used.  They went to some real ghost towns and knocked on total strangers’ doors in those areas, and found people that had been there for 20 to 30 years, and validated these stories.

In the case of one of those locations, some neighbors had been visited by a young man in a van that pulled up and described the story of this chronovisor location that he took part in, it wasn’t Basiago. Andy described precisely where this location was.

Based on the people they talked to, the chronovisor was a device similar to remote viewing, but instead of seeing something themselves, they were able to capture imagery and sound in our dimension, from the past, future, present.  The project that DARPA took over, combined with some of the work of Nikola Tesla, they figured out a way to send children to enter into the space they created and venture into that time physically in one version.  In another version, they walked into a space and were inside another time into that space.  Teleportation is like the jump rooms.

If you fix on a specific period and the subject was teleported to that specific time.  They were able to take them from that time into the future. Basiago described that they would spend sometimes an entire summer in a future time and were sent back to the moment they left in the past, they were using time travel to hide, conceal the program itself.

Frank mentioned the David Anderson Institute who developed various time travel options :

The first question for people in time travel is that if you go back and change something in the past it will affect your future/present time, the butterfly effect.  How can it be that there is time travel if they alter time. At the Nexus conference in Australia they were just at, they learned that in the quantum universe, there seems to be an infinite number of universes and dimensions, this anomaly with time travel pertains to which timeline you step into, you may go back and alter the timeline you step into, so you may actually go back and change history, but then proceed on another timeline, the timeline that you were on previously still exists and will always exist.  It’s like the concept of eternity : every single decision that you can make in any given moment needs to be exploited by the universe to continue to exist.  Which each decison and event that happens in time, there is another micro-dimensional shift in the universe that causes an effect.  Potentially, every one of us will change something in our present time, it can be a small or a big decision. 

A big decision : not to associate with certain people or go to certain places.. With time people will drift away, almost like departing on parallel train tracks… further away with time until we don’t see them anymore.. We are the center of each universe we experience. Particles turn into waves and waves back into particles depending on where we observe them. Does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest ? no, if you weren’t there to hear it.

Tonia mentioned Alan Steinfeld’s interview of David Anderson from the Anderson Institute, he did the Time Warp generator. Very interesting technology. In the movie, they showed 2 kinds of time travel technology : sending information forward and backward in time, and matter back and forth… with the device you could see something changing in realtime, like a bubble.. they did the experiment with a blooming rose, and sending seed to see what happens with germination.  It was the same thing with Project Pegasus, what are the ramifications in time, they don’ know.  You can check on David Anderson’s web site.

She said that at the Australian Nexus conference, Michael Salla spoke about the Mars recruits.  He brought up of course Corey Goode and Randy Cramer stories, but also the whole concept of age regression.  Age regression : they bring these soldiers into these secret space programs, they would serve 18 to 20 years in these programs, then they would send them back as in a real age regression, wipe out their memories, they would live another 20 year, they’d get their younger appearance, they would use that as an incentive. They’re using this longevity technology, the time travel technologies to conceal the program, the SSP to hide the SSSP (Secret Space program).

Frank mentioned the Nazis who got help from Extraterrestrial life forms that led them in 1933 to explore and dig a deep underground base in Antartica, which led them to use much more advanced technologies.. battles took place between the US forces led by Admiral Byrd against the nazis in Antartic.  The American forces were basically annihilated, deals were struck between these Nazi factions and the US government post WWII. « We won’t annihilate you if we can tap into your resources ».  A mutual agreement took place between them.

Frank believes the Tall whites helped the Nazis originally, also some Grays involved, with different sorts of reasons to interact with Humans.. they all agreed to let each other do their things without interference.  It was this agreement with the Nazis that gave them this technological superiority.  They’ve been working with this technology since the 30’s and 40’s, we can only imagine that since then it’s so far more advanced we can only think of it as magic.  It sounds like everything we discussed tonight seems like craziness, it wouldn’t be any different if one of us popped in 100 years earlier with an Ipad with a jungle and showed the natives our new techs from today.

According to Michael Salla, Corey Goode who was sent 20 years back, his memory wiping wasn’t successful, he retained about 80% of his memories.. he remembered a lot, reading on some type of Ipad describing this whole Nazi history.

Frank said the Nazis never were defeated. They went from Germany into Antartic, and from Antartic into space, and infiltrated the entire military industrial complex of the Western world. What they left behind in Germany was once again the poor folks living in  bombed up remains of their political and social economic warfare on populations that had been going on for decades.  We have the perception that the Nazis lost the war, that’s exactly what they wanted us to believe, and it’s working. It’s similar to the Space Program : there’s a space program the public sees, and there’s a Secret Space Program the public doesn’t see but that’s really happening.

There’s another film they did « Stranger at the Pentagon » with Craig Campobasso that connects the dots, about Commander Valiant Thor from Venus who came in the 50’s to the Pentagon to make a proposal for the planet and offer all those wonderful gifts, and stayed as a guest at the Pentagon for 3 years.. During the Eisenhower / Nixon administration, it was all intercepted by this faction, those same beings. In the film they call them the QUYINE beings, but it’s an on-going rivalry..  The government decided it wasn’t their best interest for the planet and their economics.. they declined it.  The complex took him, and tortured him to try to access a crack and technology for military back-engineering, this story aligns with the SSP’s story going back to the Nazis.  He managed with some help to escape from there.

Here was my interview with Craig Campobasso:


When all of this technology broke away in sort of the private sector, this group of people advanced very far in a short amount of time outside of the public domain.  They put in place and still control and regulate the heads of State of the G20 modern world.  They don’t intend to share with us the technology they have been developing at their level but only share with us the things they’ve left behind 20 to 30 years ago, the throw-off technology.  What we see up there as government and the SSP have nothing to do with each other, they’re so much compartmentalization going on.

What differentiates us from the is the level of participation, the more we invest in the superficial narrow perspective of reality the less we are open to the full abilities we all have as conscious beings… They use the Russian doll technique : they use a program to conceal one program, to conceal another program etc..  it involves the full spectrum: cell regeneration, time & space travel, etc..

We are at a disadvantage, they use the media and Education, we think we understand the world but we understand very little of it.

What’s the best way to get passed their control system ? Tonia says the best way is love. Everything is frequency and vibration in the end. Frequency + energy is the nature of our reality. When we’re working from the space of our heart, in heartmath (connecting to the brain), when we work with archons, the NWO, E.T. treaties, everything we deal with is the world of consciousness. This is all about consciousness, everything we mentioned could lead to Transhumanism, consciousness being put into artificial intelligence. It’s up to us to raise our frequency and take our responsibility to do this, one person’s vibration can affect so many others around us.  We all swim in electro magnetic field, a gigantic morphogenic field, it’s all about resonance.

We talked about the various cristals, quartz & stones.. Tonia mentioned the Damanhur community in Italy ( ), got a device and hooked it up at their house to a plant.. For the first time she heard her plant sing, tuned into its resonance field. The device started off with a US Attorney general who experimented with a lie detector device hooked onto plants, performed acts around the plants and saw the grass and leaves to make reacts, even other plants in a different room reacted… they learned that plants have ESP and they documented it, Damanhur took this research, transforms those energy signals converted to musical notes through an interface.  A plant hooked up to this device begins to play notes with this device.

In Italy they have a human size cristal castle with cristals from all over. Cristals can be programmed they can help with frequencies, etc…ultimately it’s teaching us that the planet can communicate on the invisible level.. a device translates it so we can perceive it, but it’s real, but it’s really through the love vibration, the highest state of consciousness that can overcome anything.  All of these negative things (Archons, chemtrails, transhuman agenda, pollution, media, etc..) are just an illusion, are a tool kit to teach us to learn to empower ourselves, to learn a lesson. If we look at the rise and fall of ancient civilisations like Mu in Lemuria and Atlantis, maybe we’re just another recent version of Atlantis, an incredible lesson is a test a challenge in front of us, fear is what blocks, love is what opens.  It’s just hard to hold the energy because we’re surrounded by so many unconscious people. Our Rouen UFO group for example helps, it allows us to meet and see who we really are and amplify the positive energy.

We’re not alone we have the entire cosmos working with us, the ratio energy to matter, our brain fires neurones, it’s electricity going on, it’s a fractal multiplicity of what’s going on on the planet. We can tell the Earth’s frequency is raising. These changes are going to affect every single person.

At Nexus they had an interesting discussion, some of the people there had the strangest feeling that they never heard of historical event like Nelson Mandela’s death.  Some of them can’t even remember he actually died, in their world they have no recollection of it.  It’s called the « Mandela effect ». It seems that for some individuals the historical time picture is beginning to shift, to crack, and bleed over into other dimensions.  Some people will work in a movie, then they go back and they won’t be there anymore.  They’re disappearing in this timeline.

They learned about a hadron collider like the CERN in Switzerland, but in South Africa, an even much larger one that existed, with stargate technlogy, use to smash particles together, they opened wormholes, and portals, they learned about an actual event that took place.  They recently made contact with an entity in another dimension.  They were able to send through 200 questions that the entity answered, this entity told them there was another mirror Earth, another reality, traveling on course towards Earth, there was going to be an overlap and blend and will split again. In this brief envelope of time there will be an amazing interaction.  The Rand Corporation is running it, a scientist working for them leaked the story.

These cosmic galactic rays from Sagitarius A are affecting us all and our reality, they talked about it in their previous film « Solar Revolution »  ( ) .  A positive or negative effect will all depend on the frequency we’ll be in alignment with.

We’re going to split ways, there’s going to be a new timeline emerging, that will become stronger populated by light-minded individuals that will begin to move away from negatively charged and dense constructs.. like being on a train departing from the train station, all those train tracks will split ways and vanish from each other depending on our resonance.

Tonia told us about her meeting with a being that she feels came from another timeline in the future someday… She wants to remain discreet about it. It was in New York City, she had dinner with 2 high profile individuals that she won’t name, she was given something, an object, that proved to her that those other timelines exist..  I wasn’t able to find out where she keeps the object.. she’s not focusing into it too much letting things unfold.. interesting to see the synchronicities happen.  Changes are coming according to Tonia. An apocalyptic future is not an issue, it could mean great change, it could still result into a positive outcome.  It could mean the electromagnetic field or gravity on this planet may change, it may seem apocalyptic, doesn’t mean we need to fear it or that it may be tragic.

The pole shift story : Tonia answered the poles are already shifting, even aviation is having to modify their plane routes. We won the lottery ticket to be here, front seats to the biggest cosmic concert in the galaxy, we chose to be here and so fortunate to be here at this time !

Their next project : they’ll create a German version of « Packing for Mars » due to popular demand. A French version requires a good translation. They have many great discussions going on with Klaus Dona to continue the « Chronicles Series », their own project – top secret one -.  They’re exhausted. They created 4 feature length documentaries and 30 Televison shows in the past 5 years. Tonia worked on several Hollywood productions ( and

We thanked them really warmly, gave them a big round of applause, congratulated them for their dedication and time, and let them go so that they could get some rest after their trip and fantastic interview!

We had the pleasant surprise to welcome Antoine from MIASME on site who paid us a visit, I’m inviting you to browse his website on a regular basis. 

Thank you to all our attendees for their attention and questions, our guest speakers for their spontaneity and availability, and to the l’Etrier restaurant staff for their great food, warm welcome and flexibility.

We handed out CD-roms with additional information, pertaining to the topics we discussed.

We’ll see you again soon at our next UFO Dinner Event and Awakening meeting in Rouen, Normandy, on July 23rd….