Andrew Johnson : Secrets in the Solar System and their Gatekeepers on Earth! 49th UFO dinner event & 15th Awakening Meeting

We were gathered for this 49th UFO Dinner Event and 15th Awakening Meeting at the L’Etrier Restaurant this past May 28th. We counted about 30 attendees for this 5th dinner in 2016. We hosted with great interest our speaker via Skype live from Derby in England, Andrew Johnson, who took us on a tour to all 4 corners of our Solar system, and deep inside well-kept secrets, by a team of Gatekeepers, well chosen, infiltrated and positionned, whom he exposed in great detail…

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We began with a presentation on screen for this 49th UFO dinner (a Powerpoint and my comments), and had dinner, during which we showed the monthly updates and a few humorous slides, along with a major video connected to that evening’s topics, which I translated into French to my attendees. It shows the Direct Energy technology and weapons used on the September 11 demolition events in New York, in 2001:

After Dinner, we connected with Andrew for his presentation and discussion that lasted slightly over 3 hours, clear and detailed, with the right timing and speed in English to allow me to translate into French.  Here’s the video for his full speaking performance:

Don’t forget to check his website out:

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The Topics he mentioned can be better followed with his Powerpoint presentation he shared with us via Timeviewer:

Secrets in the Solar System Gatekeepers on Earth-Freedom UFO

He began with his presentation, looking at the data on the following :

Mars, Phobos (an unusual Moon of Mars), Iapetus, the Sun (from Soho), TR3B secret aircraft, 911 and free energy.

Are most mainstream scientists deliberately ignoring the most intriguing data ?

The events of 911 and the people in the Disclosure/Movement are acting as gatekeepers of this data.

Andrew told us about his background and credentials, that led him where he is now.  He actually had a UFO sighting at around 10 or 11.

He showed us a very brief look at Lunar anomalies.

There are many more on Mars. We discussed his data on Mars : Mars exploration, the Viking probes 1 and 2, water and microbial life discoveries, etc..

An experiment done in 1976 had already showed organic microbial life in Mars. Since then it’s been denied by another experiment.

In September 2015 NASA said they found liquid water on Mars !

Discrepancies regarding color calibration on NASA photos were shown – a cable was blue – on a BBC Documentary. NASA is lying to us about the real color of Mars photos, soil and sky.

In June 2000, we can see trace of liquid water on a Mars photo.  Why only state this discovery in 2015 ?

We could see mud on Mars in 2004.  Mars Express showed a crater with water ice in 2005. The colour of the sky looks blue on the reflection in the crater..

Other liquid ater on Mars in 2006, and on photos in 1999 and 2005, as well as in 2011…

Same story with traces of life on Mars announcements by Nasa.  Contradictory statements, first in July 2004, Dr. Formisano discovered methane, then no traces of methane were admitted on Mars. In 2013, Nasa announced there was no life on Mars.

Ridley Scott stated that Nasa orchestrated that announcement in september 2015 at the same time his movie « Martian » with Matt Damon.

Andrew scrolled through fossil anomaly photos on Mars, brought back by Rover Curiosity. Richard Hoagland also posted the photos on his website. All the photo references are mentioned on each slide he showed us.

He showed us a photo of the crater on Mars in 2008, with a dome shape inside of it, which was hidden later on on Nasa’s site, and more difficult to access today.

Cydonia on Mars and Avebury in the UK : significant overlay correspondence.. 3 pictures overlaid between Mars and Earth, why is that ? Nobody really talks about it today, not NASA.

If the Rovers were on Earth it would explain why they found water, fossils, similar structures, etc…

After the Mars landing of the Rover probe, the press conference was very strange..  very similar to that of Apollo 11.

Summary of the evidence for Life on Mars so far : slide 59.


He talked about Phobos, one of Mars 2 moons in orbit, discovered in 1877, came about very oddly, that didn’t arrive naturally in orbit.

He showed us Phobos’ surface, could it be hollow ?  He mentioned the Russian Phobos II probe mission and the shadow that was said to be a defense system or missile hitting it.  It was disinformation, it was a digital optical effect on the footage, it crashed beacaude of technical failure.

Buzz Aldrin talked about a monolith placed by God on Phobos in a video interview (he had been showing us short video clips all along). But in fact the picture of a monolith came from Mars, he showed us the various pictures on Mars. There seems to be monoliths ar various spots of Mars.

Afterwards he talked about Iapetus, a moon of Saturn, discovered in 1671 by Cassini. It seemed to apepar and disappear every 40 days. The Cassini probe came close enough and took photographs in 2004, we can see a 12 mile high ridge, wall going over its surface in the middle, and hexagonal craters. Nasa won’t comment on that.

George Lucas seems to have copied the image of Iapetus for his black star, Richard Hoagland noticed.

Andrew discussed the Sun anomalies, and pictures from Soho.  We can see flashes, beams, huge disc-shaped objects, we don’t know what they are.

He then warned the attendees that the following information may shock some of them, about the Gatekeepers. But due to the importance of the evidence he’d be discussing, because of twhat they’ve said or not said, he will go on and name them… this will not make him popular, but it’s all right.. his goal is to tell the truth as he knows it !

First statement : Apollo Astronauts are Gatekeepers… They never went to the moon…

He spoke about Astronauts’ reactions and testimonies wuth they were facing Bart Sibrel for his documentary « Astronauts gone wild » trying to show that they never went to the Moon, they reacted in a suspicious way :

Buzz Aldrin, « you’re talking to the wrong guy – we were just passengers – guys going on a flight », his lies about the masonic emblem he claimed he took to the moon, and said afterwards he didn’t.

He showed us video clip with Neil Armstrong, who spoke in front of University students, at the 25th anniversary of the supposed moon landing, and mentioned « removing truth protective layers ». Michael Collins said «I don’t remember seeing the stars » then later on mentioned he did in his book.

Edgar Mitchell : his name is linked to the moon landing, free energy, E.T.s, Roswell, CIA, threats, etc.. he showed us some more info – available on his site about Edgar, mentioned in this slide 111.


He reviewed the problems he had mentioned with the alledged Apollo moon landings, among which the Apollo programs and budget dates that didn’t match, especially more recently :


The public space program is just a distraction for covert operations and a black program.  Public benefits are minimal compared to the overall expenditure, justifies the cover-up for other programs.


Then he talked to us about Edgar Fouché with whom he’d spent hours of interviewing.. former engineer at Area 51 and Groom Lake, who worked on several secret aircraft programs such as the F-117, the TR3B, and a « Quasi-cristal » technology.. These technologies and secret crafts are way more advanced than publicly disclosed technology.  He interviewed him again in 2014…


He disclosed a few things about Steven Greer, from his medical ER background, NDE, cancer diagnosis in 1997, successfully treated whereas 2 of his colleagues died, his Disclosure poject and book, his Seaspower (in 2007) and Aero2012 (in 2012) free energy projects, in fact totally identical to each other like their websites, and fruitless. His Orion Project and now « Sirius Technology & Research Initiative » discussed in his movie « Sirius », still asking for donations and funding, ignoring to tell what went wrong previously.


Steven Greer knows and mentioned about SAIC, SAIC were a defendant in Dr Judy Wood’s court case for a Science Fraud in the NIST reports about the destruction of the WTC.

Secret technology is weaponized. Official stories of climate change and 911 are based on lies ! WTC building debris disappearing and the « dustification » process were shown in the video.

Greer was reluctant to talk about the 9/11 events, he only mentioned about a friend who had foreknowledge, he never talks about the technology, energy weapons, about climate manipulation or direct energy technology. Steven Greer is another Gatekeeper.


Evidence is easy to find that we’re being lied to just about anything we’re told.

A summary of what we’ve looked at so far : Solar system anomalies, the Secret Space Program and 9/11.

Active coverup and belief systems, 9/11 is the central blindspot for almost all researchers and speakers in « Disclosure » Movements. No linking secret technology and the WTC destruction is allowed :


He names the Gatekeepers he thinks will never discuss what real method of destruction of the WTC on 9/11 was used. For example Steven Greer will not discuss the Apollo missions moon hoax. He documented everything in his book « 911 Finding the Truth ».


Keep checking the evidence and analyzing what is presented to us. Verify for ourselves the evidence that is being shown to us. He provided all the links to get to the information that he used in his presentation.


We extended his speaking time for a few more minutes and some questions for Andrew.

Regarding Health topic, he mentioned cannabis oil which is one of the things that is beginning to break through.

I asked him about direct energy technology for healing.  He mentioned the Tesla Violet Ray machine, from Tesla’s technology.  People were able to develop a tesla coil which you can use electricity from, it was put onto your skin on your body. Tesla coil has been used to treat certain health conditions.

I asked about the big Health industry cover-ups such as for Cancer, Aids, etc.. For example Dr. Bradstreet discovered a compound called GcMaf studied by several Doctors to treat cancer, he was found dead a few months ago.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Donald Scott and Boyd Graves  agreed that what was to be known as Aids was created in a Special Virus Program, in military labs, in the 1970’s.

In Africa, the aids outbreak followed the hepatitis B vaccination program in the 70’s immediately after. The same happened in New York in the 70’s, Aids appeared right after the Hepatitis B vaccination campaign.

Cancer also became a huge problem in America following the Polio vaccine campaign in the 50’s.

Regarding the chemtrail toxicity issue : to him the evidence for the toxic substance that is being trailed in the chemtrails is difficult to prove. The trails are clearly there, but taking a sample of a trail in the sky to prove there’s toxic material, to his knowledge noone has been able to prove it yet.

Even the pilot testimony stating they’re spraying chemicals is not accurate or genuine.  He could present that in a presentation another time, it’s on his site.

There’s a geoengineering program, but to him chemtrails are an effect of that program not a cause.

The cause is Energy Technology, used to move weather systems around and manipulate energy. The direct energy deployed is making the trails, as a side effect.

The analysis results he’s seen are not sufficient to prove that the trails are toxic. He’s not saying that there are no toxic trails. Hes’ been watching the trails for 11 years and hasn’t seen any toxic effect in his close environment.

I asked if direct technology was responsible for some targeted plane crashes : it’s possible, but not enough evidence. All the evidence is real on 9/11, everything is visible and measurable there.

About bases on the dark side of the moon and on mars, alghough he doesn’t have enough evidence it’s very plausible there are.

Question about Iapetus and the moon matrix : David Icke « the moon matrix » and Alan Knight « who built the moon » wrote books about it..

He doesn’t know what to think whether the moon was constructed to control the Earth, it’s possible but he doesn’t know.

Solutions for us : a partial solution is to make sure we’re not being deceived, try to make the best effort to know in our own mind, to understand the world around us using our own senses and brain.

We have to be aware that psychopaths are running the planet.

Be aware that the people in the field of Ufology and Alternative knowledge research may have an agenda to deceive us, even though they’re playing to be telling the truth.

He thinks there are several Extraterrestrial groups in and around the Earth doing different things to different types of people.  There are both positive and negative E.T.s interacting with humans and Earth in physical ways and non-physical ways.

Regarding abductions : they seem to be physical and non-physical, different types of abductions within those. The most interesting case to him is Travis Walton’s case, he had no doubt that Travis was taken on board a craft in 1975 away from the Earth for 5 days.  There are many strange abduction cases : Stan Romanek, Betty and Barney Hills, seemed to have had physical interaction.

Non-physical meaning people will stay in their home and will have an abduction experience without leaving their homes. Their soul or astral body interacts with other beings.

He suggested that people read Rick Strassman’s book « the Spirit molecule », he speaks about getting people DMT. The subjects and volunteers for his clinical studies described meeting beings and their experiences were very similar to alien abductions.

The pineal gland might be considered a gateway, there’s no doubt these people are interacting and meeting beings, it’s not their imagination.

There was a question about animal mutilations. They had a horse mutilation case in september 2015 in the UK, so they’re are still going on. The research was done by Richard D. Hall and Dave Cayton.   The animals are being used to generate certain types of cells or chemicals, he doesn’t know what for.  It could be part of a black program.

Lights were seen over the field a few weeks prior the the horse mutilation case in the UK.. Perhaps somebody came to the animal injected it with a substance and came back later when the substance was being processed in his body.

Some or the organs are taken, the blood is taken out, it seems that they’re using the tissue to harvest what’s inside the body.  The autopsy for the horse mutilation case was never released to the owner.  Richard D. Hall followed that case closely, he was able to follow how the autopsy unfolded.

Bright or dark future ahead of us short-term ? There are good things happening as well as bad things, difficult to see which way it will tilt towards.

We awarded him with a big round of applause and thanked him warmly for his performance.

Thank you to all our attendees for their attention and questions, Andrew Johnson for his professionalism and patience, and to the l’Etrier restaurant staff for their great food, warm welcome and flexibility.

We handed out CD-roms with additional information, pertaining to the topics we discussed.

We’ll see you again soon at our next UFO Dinner Event and Awakening meeting in Rouen, Normandy, on June 25th….