Ananda Bosman : UFO: Unified Field Objects & The Ultraterrestrial Umbrella, 46th UFO Rouen Dinner Event

We were gathered for this 46th UFO Dinner Event and 9th Awakening Meeting at the L’Etrier Restaurant on February 20th. We counted about 31 attendees for this 2nd dinner of 2016. We welcomed with fascination and followed with great endurance our passionate and enthusiastic guest speaker via Skype live from the mountains of Norway, Ananda Bosman, who took us on a wild journey throughout his cosmic contact experiences and protocols for the past 30+ years, his dynamic process for higher knowledge of frequencies related to our cosmos sacred geometry, his findings and acquaintances in Hadronic sciences and Hypergenetics, the Santilli Telescope technology, in order to lead to a coherent coordinated civilian effort to make highly documented ETI (Extra – Temporal Intelligences) contact for the best of mankind…

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We started with a Powerpoint presentation (in French) for the evening event :

Programme DO46

While eating dinner, we browsed through the UFO and alternative news, among which the theater screening of Michael Madsen’s film «The Visit » followed by a Q&A and short conference session at a local Movie theater, at the Rouen Kinepolis on March 14th, hosted by Antoine Station from the website and Marc Gray from Freedomufos.  We also discussed very dense news updates from the past and current month, the humor moment like every month, and some information related to Ananda Bosman’s topics and themes, a few excerpts from Jean-Michel Roux’s «Investigation into the invisible world » shot in Iceland a few years back in which Ananda was featured, we shortly deciphered a few minutes from the new XFiles series’ dialogue – episode 1, season 6 – regarding our current situation on planet Earth and its invisible rulers..    Then we welcomed after coffee time, our guest Ananda Bosman.

Here’s the full video for his speaking venue:

 Here is the written report with additional information:

Introduction: a civilian effort of coherent contact, and spreading this to gather objective, and documentary evidence…

After a couple of people on-site in Rouen mentioned that they met him, Ananda talked about the dynamic process of knowledge through 30 years of E.T.I. contact.

No labelling and categorising but scrupulous studies.

His very first experience started at 2 years 8 months old  in the French-Swiss Alps, Switzerland near Sion (Valais), at the Ferpeckle Glacier in August 1972, he found the painting his mother made there, dated, later on. His mother was painting the trees and the landscape there, he was playing near the trees by the sand near a pond, and saw a golden sphere… and went inside it. It was like a vacuum of memory.. when he came out, he was drawing 8 shapes in the sand.. His mother launched a search party for him, headed by Jean-Luc from the nearest village, Ferpeckle. Jean-Luc got an award for finding him, a whole Swiss chocolate bar for himself, so Ananda remembers that strikingly, the chocolate helped him remember his whole life.

He was gone for many hours, and his mother was worried.

In his childhood he had many experiences but he didn’t fully consciously remember until 1985 [UFO sightings, seeing human-like figures in the field, and then losing consciousness, were remembered during childhood. Also going into the golden sphere, and similar things. He has not talked much about this. But they are in a book in the writing].

After his NDE that year, he started to see plenty of UFOs, summoning them, he showed them to his mother, 35 witnesses with him in SW England near Dorset and Glastonbury. He has many dozens of testimonials on film of landings and sightings, humanoids etc.. he gave Steven Bassett a 250 gb hard disk for his archives [with this evidence, so far assembled].

Now over 128 witnesses, their credibility is also connected to their background : it includes psychologists, psychotherapists, double PHDs, aerodynamic engineers, etc..

Dr. Gisle Henden, who studied his work for years had not seen any of the UFOs, and since he heard Ananda talk about Time Reverse Wave Andromedians [ExtraTemporals] over the years, the Galactic Council and Andromedian Council and Intergalactic Confederation, operating as Time Reverse Wave Intelligences… Dr. Henden asked “those are archetypes, they’re not real, right?”. He replied in a way, yes, but they’re also absolutely real, they utilize those archetypes, they work with our collective unconscious, and make them physical. Dr Henden then asked Ananda if he could ask them, wether he could see one of their ships.

In the mountains of Norway, the Jotenheimen, the “land of the Giants”, the doorway to the realm of the Gods, Asgard, in Scandinavia, in mythology, names now ascribed to geology and cartography.

Norway has a grid laid out by King Olaf, a Pentagram, “den Norsk Pentagram”, identical to the Pentagram found in the Marie de Blanchefort’s document at Rennes le Château (see the following pictures):

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There is an elongated head to the pentagram.  King Olaf at the same time that the Knight Templars’ and the Priory de Notre Dame de Sion were still united [period of Bertrand de Blanchefort] Ananda had a group assembled, with several doctors, including Dr Henden in the Middle heart of the Norwegian pentagram, Tyin, “the round table council with the gods”. They engaged their protocols with 50 peoples, with cosmic intelligences.

That night Ananda asked his ETI contacts to come to Dr Henden. After this Dr Gisela Grombach, with several others, saw several UFOs with Ananda. And Dr Henden was awakened by a green light, in the early morning hours, in his tent, close to the mountain “Thor’s Hammer”, away from any person of the group, or any other tent in these high wild Norwegian alps.

He peered out of his tent and was shocked to see 5 green spheres hovering over the ground. He was terrified, his hair stood up all over his body. Then a plasma-holographic substance encompassed the 5 spheres, and hardened to become a flying saucer lens in the shape of the Ananda’s “Vortexijah”. It took off and shot into space.

From 1990 to 2001 he got this education from Andromedians, some of it was difficult, at times unpleasant but it was what he needed.

One holographic image speaks thousands of words, he received what is now termed downloads.  Sometimes it was thousands of pages of information sometimes it was physical encounters.

His mother and friend, Charlotte Aldama, saw UFOs, and in 1988 they saw him disappear in front of them, some areas of him were like electric blue, and then he dematerialized.

In 1991 he’s on film testifying [film with Basset, will soon be released], Charlotte put up her hand where he was standing, there was nothing.

In early 1989, going inside a UFO with another person, Fiona Fergeson. First a classic UFO was summoned by Ananda, which pulse-flashed as it changed its trajectory, and then it did a jump, momentarily disappearing, and then appearing at another spot, with another trajectory, coming towards them. When the lights started approaching them, the closer it came, the more out of focus it became.

Fiona described that her “soul” opened up.

They went inside, and passed through the membrane of the ship, they were in an clear, living atmosphere, could still see around them through the craft. Then the ship became focused like a camera lens. It became denser and denser.

They realised there were 2 entities aboard the ship, their bodies exchanging with the ship membrane.

They were of the technician class of humanoid species [there are many types in this class of technicians] operating the ship. The beings started coming towards them, Fiona became petrified. He had to translate to them the fear she expressed, based upon her reptile brain. She wanted to get out of there, he managed to get her out through the back of the ship, through the membrane back into the field, but 200 meters away from where they were prior to boarding.

There was some sort of vacuum between the crafts like an “Aethernet »..

He went through this experience very regularly. Unconscious and subconscious and conscious psyche in union [1986-1989], with various degrees of recall of being onboard the motherships.

That’s one example, at 16 when he got transferred, ETI-VR. or ExtraTemporal Intelligence Virtual Reality, which has a representation of your body, with the 5 senses fused.

In this cybernetic state, one goes into the beam network, transferred into the beams, he was taken into the base of the moon Ganymede, of Jupiter and numerous other bases over the years.

Other witnesses also were taken to the Ganymede base, including DJ Nki “meet commander Ananda,” which was a representation of himself he assumes. Where “Ananda” briefed DJ Nki (Vincenzo Bianca), on important music project they had to engage on earth. They together founded the first popular and electronic 432Hz AUMega Music Revolution in 1998.

Contacts happen under various forms, in recent years he’s been more interested in other people getting involved with the protocols to engage them into contact with E.T. civilisations.

The early 1989 going inside the UFO with Fiona, had the beings with long elongated heads, their bodies were more like a living plasma-holographic-like form, the dynamics of their bodies were exchanging with the environment of the ship as if it was like an extension of them.

He’s seen the ship turn from plasma to gold and silver metal, to crystal, also morphing rapidly on other occasions, it was a supercivilisation within the hyper civilisations which are multiversal.

These civilisations, the Galactic Council and the Andromeda Council from the far future are a myriad of civilisations. They explained in the 1980’s that Humanity is part of a “designer world”, part of a hyper-evolutionary process, replaces Darwin’s theory, due to Dr Chris Illert’s findings in the 1990’s within the biological sciences, that changes the logistics completely. Dr Chris Illert demonstrated that primitive  conch shell morphologies could not be modelled in the computer by normal Euclidean mathematics.

He showed with the conch shells that when he applied the new Genotopic Mathematics to them (a completely new field of mathematics), a new holographic method with 6 arrows of time, 6 dimensions of time, became empirically demonstrated to operate within their animate morphology.

Dr Illert now could model apparent “3D” animate conch shell morphologies so that they look perfectly three dimensional to us. It requires time travel to model those conch shells, like the mollusk shells.. It’s 6 dimensions of time: model a cube in the future where time is flowing backwards and forward, a cube in the past where time is flowing backwards and forward, and a cube in the present with its flow and reverse flow… according to a general hypershere: the 6 arrows of times. Empirical evidence published in the biological sciences papers. Primitive life is a time machine.

The way that the conch shells unfold is according to knowing the future, as well as the past, it requires these 6 arrows of time to be in a living animate, not quantum dead space.. With human and animal life there’s a more complex system. Since these findings have been accepted and are empirical in the biological science, the logistics for evolutionary theory changes [Enclosed is one paper from Dr. Illert, link above].

Above the Genotopic plane, is the Hypertopic plane of Dr. Ruggero M Santilli. His work with Magnegas reverses radioactive material that can be injected in gas injection engines. He has made practical brand new physics beyond quantum physics :

This scientist has discovered Macroscopic Irreversibility and a new form of chemical species, magnecules.. you take nuclear waste into a lightening simulator that transforms the waste oil, or radioactivity, into a new configuration of fusion called the «magnecules» which are millions of iso-electrons.. electrons transform, under a new fusion of the atom.. exceptional discovery for humanity’s survival.

The same for his iso-concave lense telescope, able to see UFOs from military bases, invisible to the naked eye and the Galileo telescope with a convex lens side-by-side which does not register the iso-mater UFOs. This was announced and published in January 2016.

That plasmArc flow hadronic reactor, changes Heisenberg electron conformations into iso-electrons in “Animalu iso-superconductor” form, where the electrons are fused through the hadronic hyperdense medium, also engaged intermediary controlled nuclear fusion (water into silicon), not cold temperature superconductivity, but superconductivity at body temperature and above, including bio-supraconductivity, Iso-conductivity which also has biological elements!

In 1998, Dr Santilli started fusion with all biological molecules as well; this is the new science of Hadronic mechanics.

Conch shell science can be applied to genotopic holographic models, with hadronic reactors. It’s been shown empirically.

Magnecules of millions of iso-electrons is an ideal material to process from the large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for instance, they could have reversed the oil spill in the Gulf… Sea salt, oil spill put through the plasmArc Flow hadronic reactor produces a clean magnecule gas, called MagneGas (iso-electrons clustered together, producing clean oxygen and nitrogen as a bi-product, with much more energy, 5000x plus).

These were used in Ferrari gas injection engines, Dr Santilli won an award last year for his new designer’s sports car using the MagneGas injection system successfully.

These are not theories, but practicle actualities, happening massively separately from the “religious” branch of the old physics controlled by the military industrial corporate complex.  Many real scientists from various countries are catching up with this new science such as in Russia, Norway, Italy, China etc.

It has revolutionary implications on dealing with pollution, but also on the nature of the reality of what we really are, such as with the conch shell morphologies operating in 6 arrows of time.

Hyper-evolution means that humanity is a summation of the future and the past, dynamically in the present.

The “hadronic space time machine” patented in 1995 by Dr Illert and Dr Santilli, are made of magnecular material which is unique, it is re-engineered in hadronic fusion, travels through space and time using hyperlocomotion, a complete new field that doesn’t produce the old grandfather paradox in time travel, way beyond anti-gravity and nuclear fusion, since the retrieval of the crashed time machines in the 1930’s and later in America and all over the world.

Dr Santilli was approached by Area 51 contracts, but said “no”.

Experiments such as those conducted at Pine Gap in Australia, under Dr Edward Teller (including project Blue Falcon) in the 1970’s, using human genetic information with time distortion (pseudo-time travel) have backfired.

In 1990, Ananda was in contact with a scientist working in a Deep Underground facility beneath CERN, working with biological computer.

Project Blue Falcon was a program linking mind control technology with exotic Tesla technologies and backfired. Captain Stan Deyo, and others testified to this during the late 1970s and early 1980s, including time travel combined with human genetics, etc.. it allowed them to travel in time for a few days.

Ananda preparing a speech in Italy to a symposium on new energy, on the nuclear waste reversal, hadronic engineers have realised with some of the plasmArc flow reactors.

Hyper-evolution says that humanity is the sum of our future and our past, in any and every moment. We become extraterrestrial and extratemporal travelers in the next generations, using the hadronic space-time machines, and these hypergenetic processes, through the 6 arrows of time, are also operating within the summation of us now, in every moment.


Hadronic mechanics comprises 44 multi-valued hyper dimensions.. Transgenics evident accross whole groups of biological species, due to environmental exposure to bacteria and fungi that carry genes and enscript them, into the entire range of biological systems in that environment, is further understood through the new hyper-genetic branch of hadronic mechanics, where the 6 arrows of time operate within the new hyper-evolutionary paradigm (ergo non-linear extra-temporal evolution) [[it is turning the transgenic field on its head. In terms of “natural” transgenics”. We have all other animal DNA is us including plants, int he remaining 98% unassigned DNA within our genetics… We are also a sum of all humanoids operating in different “space-time cells”, which has the human DNA active with other DNA like amphibians]

Ananda’s on the 44 Multi-Valued Hyperdimensions with regard to the ETI Humanoids, full paper here (with a ton of links to hadronic science papers):

Quantum mechanics fails to explain 3D animate reality. It is based upon dead DNA models [dead through the electron microscope], it describes non animate systems like metals and crystals, and cannot describe animate genetics, which has more than two potentials like the DNA base pair. The dynamic DNA is operating in hypergenetics [comprised of the new discovered chemical class, called hyper-magnecules: hypermagnecular DNA, IN VIVO, in a dynamic present past and future continuum.


These ultraterrestrial civilisations will allow our future kindred to go back to the past to reengineer our solar system resulting in present mankind.

The Universal Man that is existing in Time and Space travelling machines, with a reference of hypertime, such as in a continuum of ExtraTemporality, needs to be on the other side of the Moebius strip to the linear time referenced homo sapiens… There are many designer planets and many versions of this designer system of life. The human genetics are about 2% of the overall designer code inside our body. We have insect, amphibian, plant, reptilian, bird DNA etc.. The super Civilisations that are millions and billions of years have gone through all forms of genetic re-engineering, redesigning down to the stem cells — nanotechnology with the theories of transhumanist Ray Kurzweil won’t work in the long term, since hadronic mechanics is already working with femto-technology (that follows the picotechnology replacing nano-technology). 10 Femto metres is the hadronic horizon’s “hyper-dense medium” whose 7 hadron’s wave-packets overlap in a torus Mobius of infinite recursion (an infinite recursion that goes through the heart of EVERY ATOM’s 7 hadrons, everywhere, and everywhen.

Permutations of the genetic codes in our body, hadronic mechanics hypergenetics do work because they’re related to life’s integral intelligence emerging from the magnetic monopole at the hadron-proton heart of the atom (8Hz ELF is the DNA life signal, coming from the hydrogen protonic heart).

For example, the reptilian in one space-time cell designer world, becomes the humanoid sentient species reaching coherence, where the 2% human genetic code within our body is linked to say 3% reptilian DNA within our genetic code, and this becomes the operating species within that space-time cell designer world. These are dynamically hyperlinked to the human species. The process of our senses happens through our motor-neurones connected to our spinal cord, constantly producing sensorial holograms (432,000 dopamine motor neurons, hyper-linked to 432,000 humanoid species, in designer world space-time cells, such as the 2% human DNA, with 2% amphibian DNA).

SEE “432,000 HUMANOIDS:,000%20Manusah.pdf

Ananda then mentions the sensorial hologram, our 5 senses are tuned down to less than 1%, 0.5% compared to the 100 % objective universe. And that the universal man operates as a hypergenetic HYPERHOLOGRAM, which is 100% of ALL the DNA in our body hyper-indexed to the 2% human DNA. This is a hyper-hologram that is ALL species in humanoid form at the same time. This is the beginning of the Ultraterrestrial horizon.

He mentioned to us the proto-Vedic super culture of the Sarasvati Valley (in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Rajastan) that talked about 432,000 humanoid races. This is a civilisation that is about 12,000 years old, older than Sumer, archaeologically represented in the Rig Veda as a highly advanced civilisation (they were an agrarian culture with full domestication of animals, grains, astronomy with the 88 constellations we use today, metallurgy including gold, silver, electrum, copper, bronze, towns with sewage systems and running water, according to the archeological sites).

He talked about the 40,000 year old Himalayan cave art, and the Unicorn seals, studied by an Oxford professor colleague of his, Dr Jose Callazans (who also worked with Dr Gino Ratincx, that has a NATO cosmic top secret clearance, working on “stargate” projects, as they informed Ananda in 1998), as well as many other scientists, and these pictographic based ideograms, that portray portions of the Rig Veda, describe that we were not designed by the E.T.s. But are direct descendants. One tribe coming from this Sarasvati culture, was a group of peoples called the Anus, they founded the Lake Van civilisation, parts of the black sea civilisations, and the Ilamites, and on to found Mesopotamia. Where they too their name anus (which means the divine atom in Sanskrit), and turned it instead into their god ANU.

According to him, the work of Zecharia Sitchin is a psychological warfare operation or PsyOps [he has a massive amount of data on this to present, over hundreds of slides].

Furthermore, scientists at the university of London, specializing in Sumer, stated clearly that Sitchin is not an accepted Sumerian scholar, not even in the slightest, and he mixed and chopped the texts, between Akadian and Sumerian versions, chopping off the last paragraphs to change the meanings to adjust them to his theories, and to produce the neo-Darwinism now attempting to be pushed, as a PsyOp…

Man is not a designer clone species as a fusion between monkey DNA and E.T. DNA.

Navel Intelligence Officer, Milton William Cooper, whose navel records were attached to his sworn affidavit, under penalty of perjury in 1988 (10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, if found to be a lie. He sent his statement to every member of congress. He also predicted the WTC 9/11 tower explosions, 13 years before they happened, as he read about the plan in the Operation Majority documents of the early 1970s, as part of the Briefing papers of the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. Cooper had a 38 level above top secret clearance) — stated that Sitchin was involved in being an agent of Project Aquarius, which engages psychological operations, including the idea of neo-Darwinism, where mankind is created by gene splicing…

The empirical evidence in the biological sciences made by Dr Chris Illert, and the new filed of hypergenetics, demonstrates that mankind, and life in general, is not a linear evolutionary product, but is hyper-evolutionary, with hyper-time: past-present-future, in a dynamic continuum and relation in every genetic moment.

We talked about E.T. contact.  There is now damning evidence that Dr David Jacobs mis-used negatively suggestion hypnosis method with experiencers. The book The Greys Have Been Framed, and testimony of Emma Thompson, documents this.,

Along with Budd Hopkins whom he said was a CIA operative according to William Cooper [who published a CIA document stating Bud Hopkins is an agent with “the Firm.” Bud Hopkin’s ex-wife, shows how Bud manipulated abductees, contorting their experiences, to his hypnotic suggestions:

He talked about CIA / Military psyops regarding abductions, which tends to make all E.T. contacts look evil and negative.  Something is interacting on a physical level, taking our morpho-genetic repository (collective unconscious), according to Dr John Mack, who used transpersonal approach instead of regressive hypnosis to assist the experiencer to embrace psychological and spiritual crises, which then changed the “abduction” experience… Still coming physically, but now in another form… there are physical components that adjust to the psychological integrity of the experiencers / abductees. End the end, within some cases of Dr John Mack, in his book Abduction, the greys turn into balls of light. John Mack was probably murdered.

Ananda was taken to the moon base Tycho: modulating rays through the Moon tunnels and Aether beams..

Various Galactic Councils and Confederation members were working together using  the paradoxical looking hyperdimensional geometry ark computers that modulated the aether beams, constructing the under-lunar base.

Transduction lines went through the Moon altering through the subatomic particle level, tuning into a breathing system. These tunnel systems are now being recognized many years after he wrote about his experiences.

The Moon is a combination of artificial and natural.

His discoveries regarding the moon architecture, and the measurements of the moon in relation to its distance to earth, were confirmed in the Sarasvati Valley findings where they used this precise figure of distance in making poles to measure the earth’s angular momentum accurately.

In 1998 Ananda founded the musical 432HZ popular and electronic music movement (not the classical 432Hz music moverment which has existed since scientific pitch tuning used 432Hz more than 100 years ago already), and found the median of the Moon and other planets’s median, diameter or distances to be linked to the 432 digits – check the slides – [this is an enormous field of research itself, which Ananda will have up on his website soon].

Without the Moon you can’t have life on Earth, it produces the tide / night / day cycles, and the flow of water over the earth, as well as the correct magnetic field that supports the healthy bacteria spectrum required for higher life, without the Sun there is no life.

NASA confirms today that the solar system is migrating at 43,200 miles per hour towards the Hercules system at this specific speed. We come across the 432 harmonics all over the world, and in all branches of science, and sacred architecture and geometry.

He mentioned our unique relationship with Sirius, the brighest star out there, its 365 day helical rising with our sun is a consistent phenomenon for thousands of years, like our planet goes around the sun in 365 days, communicating and synchronizing musically and harmonically to our Sun. Radio-astronomy shows that the iron in our blood and solar system, is derived from Sirius.  It produced the flooding of the Nile linked to the 365 day helical rising of Sirus.

There is a hyper genotopic holographic direct interactivity between our biological hypergenetics and our musical architecture between Sirius and us — Dr Robert Templer demonstrated the Complexity Theory synchronised relation, in one example.

There are many stories in the Vedas and proto-Vedas about Sirius, and Orion, as well as even the Andromeda galaxy.

Check out more of his slides regarding our DNA and our base pairs and his explanation.  He mentions the golden triangle connection, our DNA rotates at 36° in the helix of the sugar phosphate, 10 rotations at 360°..

The Pentagram slide regarding the dynamic structure of our solar system. Neptune, and the orbit of Neptune, the golden triangle can be copied and placed at 36°, the pentagram is made of several golden triangles.

He showed us Ceres and the asteroid belt. There is a musical arrangement, Kepler predicted the mechanism of the solar system, that Ceres would be discovered, and extends to Neptune in pentagram cascade.

Our solar system gets more dense during the 1990’s according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, with a 1998 paper by Dr Dmitriev detailing this. The plasma-toroidal density of our outer solar system has drastically changed from 1964 to 1994. Likewise, but to a lesser extent, our inner solar system as well. New energy is being pumped into the planetary systems. Not just engaging global warming, but transforming the active geological systems.

Neptune became 50% brighter its Auroras, getting stronger, more dense after 1995 and continues to brighten even to this day (slide 43). Jupiter receives brighter new auroras, same with Saturn and Uranus, new cosmic events, etc..

for OVNI Diner 46 Ananda Bosman Jpgs from Animated slides.043

During the 1980s, his contacts were relaying to him that in fact all reality is being re-edited. It’s like a computer programming system, going into a new atomic density. A series of exotic materials have been influxing the whole solar system.

In 1998, he came across a Soviet Academy of Sciences study research paper, that was translated by the American Millennium Group of scientists, discovered that the plasma density of the solar system increased drastically up to 1000+% and by 60+% in our inner solar system between 1964 and 1994. There is a hadronic fusion of electrons, is this ascension? We’re talking about the exact mechanics that is transforming reality.

In 1991, a new series of ultra high cosmic rays were switched on.

The side effects on our consciousness? A new universe is coming through.

In 1994 a new ultra high order gamma ray “internet” was observed. In Ananda’s New Universe model, these transduce the new ultra high order cosmic rays, into galactic availability.

This new gamma rays, comprised in the form of 24 iso-tetrahedrons, that were synchronised in the same Ghz pulse, over the entire galaxy, concurrently, as observed by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist, Dr Frank Smith…

A galactic mind, or galactic internet, that synchronised, or hyper-indexed 100,000 years of galactic time (since the other side of the galaxy is 100,000 years at the speed of light, in distance, and yet the new ultra high order gamma rays there, were in pulsed synchrony with those that were near to our solar system — forming a consistent grid of 24 tetrahedrons in phase-conjugation [holographic]).

By November 1998, when we had perfect galactic conjunction of the ecliptic (it was not 2012, according the US Naval observatories), these gamma rays were being transduced through our sun, as gamma lasers from this galactic gamma net.

They were aimed at our sun as a parabolic dish (the peri-solar parabol), coming from the constellation of Cygnus, and ordered in the golden mean ratio (which the Millennium Group of scientists documented at that time).

Impinging our sun, changing it, and the resulting Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hitting earth, impinging the Magnetometer readings (Tromso), so that the magnetic field of Earth, also showed ordering in the same golden mean proportion, when it was exposed to this solar flare transduction by our sun of the golden mean proportion gamma ray lasers.

Then scientists of the group, all over the world detected anomalous 1.618Hz measurements. These affected the appearance of new quazi-particles seen under the microscope, which have been largely coherently affecting our biological organisms.

These were special new type of gamma rays never seen before, synchronized at the same time at the same gigahertz frequencies, the 24 tetrahedrons are synchronized.

Ananda noted in a filmed public presentation in 1998, that these cosmic rays were producing changes in our DNA, genetic changes in our bodies.  The microscopes of military biologists began observing a new class of discrete energy packet particles, that are now actively involved in repairing our DNA, and adjusting it to new levels that can incorporate certain viruses.

This gamma ray internet is like 100,000 years in time in synchrony.

He talked to Dr Dan Burisch in Switzerland (via an intermediary) about those topics, these particles that are transforming our biology. The gamma rays and cosmic rays of the new ultra high order range transmuting and retuning the cosmos into the New Universe program, and our Earth.

Under the microscope the geometry of these new quazi particles that emerged, cannot be reduced to 3D geometry, two different microscope cameras showed two different Platonic geometries at the same time. An 8-fold lotus pattern emerged, with light pulses, operating what appears to be microscopic Einstein-Rosenbrdige wormholes, in producing complex cells of life in 27 minutes (on film).

All forms of life are being reengineered, it’s totally coherent. These particles are responding to the voice and to 432 Hz related harmonics. The correction of the Orion cube given to Eisenhower at the Muroc Air Force base in 1954.

He wrote that in his book The Alien Presence in 1993 (there was no internet at the time), he spent 15 hours a day in the libraries gathering research. The 1954 landings were not the greys, Commander in chief of the Pacific fleet Bull Helsey (and his relative commander Frank Helsey with his wife Tarna Halsey) confirmed, that Eisenhower met with the Nordics, spatialised biochemically into a human body form. He was given the Orion cube, a series of musical harmonics, showing how synchronicities of our reality would play out.

From hadronic form into the Nordic form they appeared to Ike.  There is a huge amount of documentation on that landing and meeting.

Pilots and officers were having contacts inside bases.  This OVNI Dinner day is the 62nd anniversary of the Muroc/Edwards Air Force Base landings.

The 432HZ harmonics cube has – like the Orion cube – showed various timelines on Earth.

He doesn’t feel that the Valiant Thor story at the Pentagon in the 50’s is documented and credible enough [Valiant Thor authored a 1933 book on Rosicrucian philosophy].

The Nordic form is a spatialised form from a Homo Universalis, it can take any form. Sergeant Daniel Salter from the NRO testified in 1998, 3 years before he appeared on the Disclosure Project, that both the greys and the nordics are “beings of light”, they make their bodies from solar system materials, in the solar system they visit… Some 10 years before Sgt Salter is on the public record, Ananda received from the ultraterrestrial Emmanuels, almost precisely the same information. This he published in his 1992 «The Light of Emmanuel». Relaying the same information, they create their bodies from material in the solar system [it is highly inlikely that Sgt Salter had read this communication from the Emmanuels].

About Laura Eisenhower – he did his research over a generation before she came out in public – and her great grandfather, he answered that there is a whole other factor, the Nelson Rockefeller factor, which Eisenhower came to regret later on.  The H Bomb : Hydrogen has an 8 Hz resonance.

Hubble Space Telescope photographed hexagon formations on Neptune, NASA on Saturn… a rotating object of rotating plasma on the south pole of Neptune and north pole of Saturn.. a 6 dimensional finger (explained).

Ananda went back to the NASA archives of 1996, where he was told to look by the ETI he had contact with, for their massive stations. These showed publically in 1998, and published in 1999, in his Sungate Conspiracy:

Lockheed engineer Dr Norman Bergrun, a NASA photo engineer, documents in his book The Ringmakers of Saturn, that in the rings ships of 50,000 km long could be seen, as living entities, living plasma, that resynthesize our holographic reality.


According to Ananda’s contacts these along with others, including the Sun Stations, are tuning the musical instrument of our solar system. They’re giving us an extension in changing and averting a 12,000 year sun cycle (which Ananda documents in ‘The Solar Trumpet’ chapter of his 1999 book, “The Unity Keys of Emmanuel.”.

The evidence shows they are near the Sun: enormous and alive. In 1998, Sun Stations were identified, enormous objects, cruising around the Sun.

Now there are films, photos, footage of those larger than planet Earth Sun Stations that he got access to by 2010. Films that show fleets of these close to the sun, many times bigger than Earth, going over solar flare holes, and that are not be drawn into the sun. Nothing natural at that distance can resist the suns gravitational attraction… Spanning from the NASA SOHO photos he has assembled from 1996 onwards, the photos and films document these stations repairing, retuning the Sun. There is a specific design behind this.  The Sun releases flares.  In «The Unity Keys of Emmanuel» that he wrote during the 90’s, he documents the «Solar Trumpets». He described there are fleets of those ships bigger than planet Earth, as he went through the NASA archives.  He thinks we got an extension for us in our solar system [He has some logistical evidence that can give examples to demonstrate this… It is not just hearsay]… The Solar Trumpet chapter, documents from ice records at 12,000 year cycle, where the glass found in all the deserts of earth, have nuclear fission tracks in, this apparently was also noted in the 20% glass found on the moon, there are scientific citations for this… The cycle indicated 2013, for a mini-nova, which the paleontological and geological evidence, as well as ice readings going back 12,000 years, and in cycles, is indicated to occur in cycles… This was averted. Delayed… This is also a massive subject. It would require a 4 hour radio interview without translation to detail. It was a research factor of the MAJI/5412 Group, the Nelson Rockefeller “Special Group”, or “303 Committee”… Discussed in the Huntsville Alabama secret scientists symposium of 1958, and rooted to the space contacts of Eisenhower, and Wilbert B Smith {which were Nordic-like. Greys did not exist in any of the literature back then. Not even in Wilbert B Smith’s Ottawa Science journals. The stereotypical grey emerged with Betty and Barney Hill. …}, warning about this cycle, and a new density of space that our solar system is going into!!!]

Consciousness has not been separated.. from Sentience, in the Anthropic Principle.  We’re gearing towards more coherent sentient awareness — the passport to the cosmos, and the purpose of this planetary designer world “game.”

He mentioned the Fermi paradox, Dr Fermi in his meditative state of «where is everybody?», when Dr Edward Teller discusses the recent UFO sightings over the US.

Supervilisations and hypercivilisations have reengineered themselves to the highest state that they can express themselves, they are invisible until sentience is realised.

He talked about the protocols that work for E.T. contact, the issue MUST BE in the coherent hands of the civilians of earth.

Now the InnerBalance (App, and biofeedback interface for iPod/pad/phone) of the HeartMath Institute based on 24 years of researching the heart beat’s magnetic field during the onset of compassionate love, which peaks at 8Hz and induces the golden mean proportion when in such a coherent state in over two decades of double blind studies; and Mindwave software/hardware, that enables exact 8Hz biofeedback to be taught measured, objectively. And 8Hz being measured in the utmost coherent states of mankind (creativity, music, healing of 27 organic diseases as par Dr Puharich’s triple blind work). Compassionate love coupled to willed consciousness changing the genetic code, measurably, for the first time — They believe is THE sign of an Emerging Anthropic Sentience, existentially, and practically amidst the civilians of mankind.

Animated slideshow with many parts of practicals.  Consciousness focuses on the DNA sample, they get coherent results.

(Slide 89)

for OVNI Diner 46 Ananda Bosman Jpgs from Animated slides.089

Results with a pilot : the coiling of the DNA, the uncoiling of the DNA, with expressing compassionate love, the first time we’re able to change the DNA.. Applications – with Inner Balance – show coherence.  You click-on a device on your ear it, shows the cardio rhythm.

He lives near the valley of Valdres, called now the “new Hessdalen”, the new UFO hotspot, it is connected to the Hessdalen project. Ananda spoke to the Dr. Erling Strand (in 1998) who studied the Hessdalen lights.  He observed and measured almost every time a pre signature from 7.4 to 7.8 Hz before UFOs materialized in Hessdalen.

Ananda engaged an experiment at Hessdalen, where compassionate love and will power were both used together with his protocols.

Using the contact protocols twice in 2009 in August and September, the same Hessdalen UFOs appeared immediately, he recorded it on camera, the other times without using the protocols, no UFOs appeared. The protocols utilise 8Hz.

When the Hessdalen scientists flash a laser light at the Hessdalen UFO it flashes back.

The protocols are accessible to everybody, he taught it in « Dialogues with the cosmos». He described the E.T. contactee stigmata, it’s not popular in Europe.

Following is the Hessdalen film of the two summoned UFOs they engaged there, in 2009:

To remove the isolation from a separate few contactees, is to spread creative means to engage contact… he did, in 2013, an experiment with Italians and other nationalities in Switzerland, a neutral country, over 2 nights, applied the protocols using a biofeedback of 8Hz and willpower and other components — each of the participants were able to summon their own UFOs.

They would begin very high, zigzagging and come down over the hours low as close as 30 meters from them.

He wants to encourage French contactees. Document your cases as much as you can. If they get surveillance it’s normal, it happened to him when he was in France in 2012 in Valence, it was French Intelligence. Dr. Carlo Oetheimer, who has a degree in morphobiology, spent 2 years at the CNRS, had his sighting there, and can attest to this fact.

The Consul of France in Paris, 2003, Allen La Fargue, did the research for Ananda, when he was being spied upon in Paris, his wife, Claudy La Fargue, was his translator. Using the licence plate and car information Ananda gave him, Allen Lafargue found out it was not French police, but Europol, in this case (2003).

The importance here is making the cosmic contact, we have to make the solutions ourselves, don’t wait for saviors…

The interview and article with Dr. Santilli about his Telescope with concave lens, are in the American Journal of Modern Physics, January 2016. This iso-lens telescope found antimatter galaxies and UFOs at military bases..

It is a civilian effort to make contact, use documentary evidence, and don’t fall for the psyops and fear mongering created by the military industrial complex.

We thanked Ananda very warmly and promised to keep working with him and take part in his continuing civilian effort in contact research and free energy technology.

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