43rd UFO Dinner Event: Victor Viggiani: Extraterrestrial Disclosure

We are gathered for this 43rd UFO Dinner Event and 9th Awakening Meeting at the L’Etrier Restaurant on November 14th. We counted about 34 attendees for this 3rd dinner of the autumn season. We hosted with great interest and enthusiasm our speaker via Skype live from Toronto, Ontarioa, Canada, Victor Viggiani, Paull Hellyer’s close friend, who guided us through various steps, approach and process, including the past, current and upcoming efforts for the Extraterrestrial and UFO Disclosure. He took us on a tour throughout the various aspects of the backbone of all secrets on a global scale, from the human, media, political, religious and cosmic perspective.

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After dinner during which we showed and discussed the heavy news, and documents about Disclosure, we connected with Victor, on Skype.

We started with a historical background regarding E.T. Disclosure for the past 25 years, mid 90’s (Disclosure Project) jusqu’à 2001 à Washington D.C. Press Conference for Disclosure. He tells us that Disclosure and Research have made some progress for the past 10 to 15 years, not in regards to the amount of UFO sightings, but mainly a greater acknowledgement by media and officials. Public awareness has greatly increased today, at least in North America.  People consider the ET/UFO topics more seriously and with much less ridicule than in the past, not a a national level but on a regional level, every time UFO news come up.

Tabloids showing ridiculous UFO news have never been around in Canada, but only in the US.

The 3 major mainstream newspapers with a high readership (between 500 000 and 1.5 million readers), the New York Times, the Toronto Star and the Washington Post write serious articles on ufology.

When Stephen Bassett in 2013 was holding his « Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure » at the National Press club in Washington D.C., theToronto Star published it on the front page, with an interview of Victor when he was in D.C., a major international newspaper with great coverage.

We manage to make the headlines one day but they’ll lose interest the next day, sporadically, at least we can get to knock on the glass ceiling.

What he would like for the disclosure actors to do is to manage to have ufology and E.T. disclosure taken and dealt with as seriously as or even more seriously than political issues, women’s rights, Healthcare, the Senate reform, pipelines and fossil fuel, employment issues, they have enough evidence and proof to provide for those UFO topics to be taken very seriously!

He thinks that there’s been lots of discussions at the White House on this topic since 1994-95 during the Clinton years, when John Podesta was his Chief of Staff, he’d like the seed that was planted back then to grow today. According to him, everything takes place at the white house regarding the UFO topic, at least to a great extent.

All the US presidents since Harry Truman in the 40’s are aware and informed about this field and some also have seen UFOs themselves – check out Grant Cameron « UFOs and Presidents « – : http://www.presidentialufo.com/

American presidents have requested access to UFO files and archives like Jimmy Carter to Bush Sr. when he was the CIA Director, and were denied access. Presidency doesn’t handle it, other agencies beyond and besides the CIA manage it: NASA, NSA, the NRO, each one is separate / compartmentalized from one another, it’s a way to keep everyone from knowing what’s really happening or who controls information, the Pentagone either, this is in the US, but every country has its own way to handle the UFO issue.

Canada has been set up since the 50’s / 60’s the same way as the US regarding UFO secrecy, they’re part of the NORAD. These agencies cooperate through NORAD, a Defense and Air Control System.  He’s had some success with NORAD regarding UFOs, a big scoop he shared with us, NORAD handed to him a 109 page report after he insistedly requested their feedback!!!

Victor shows us official NORAD documents that he’s been able to get after on-going requests for 18 months !

He describes to us reports of UFO chase by 2 canadian F18 fighter jets in 2001.  2 UFOs were coming down, one was going up.  They lost sight of them later on.  In the report was described that contact with 2 UFOs at 35000 feet, T.O.I. « Tracks of Interest ».  Just an example among many others of eye contact with UFOs over Canada and North America.

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The other document he presented us comes from the NORAD Command Center in Colorado, mentioning 18000 UFO sightings on average per year for the past 5 years and well registered. and admitted T.O.I.s (unidentified flying objects) and 75 intercepts during flight, which he received 7 weeks prior: 

ATI Request A-2014-01494

He told us about his role with Paul Hellyer.  He was doing a radio show with Stanton Friedman, who advised him to talk to Paul Hellyer. He called him, he invited him to his 2005 symposium in Toronto, after he had read « the day after Roswell » by Philip Corso.. in order to speak up in public, he hesitated and finally agreed on speaking about E.T. Disclosure.  For the past 15 years, Paul Hellyer has been speaking about disclosure, written books too, he helps him prepare for his speeches and handle tons of emails he gets every week.

We’re not any closer to disclosure than we used to be before.  Some say that the US Goverment leads disclosure, nothing is more uncertain. It’s not one single government nor a single agency that handles it, but a shadow government. As soon as an agency tries to disclose they make it keep quiet.  Senators and politicians in the congress or parliament have no knowledge of UFOs or ETs.

A shadow agency that has nothing to do with government, at a higher level, controls E.T. disclosure, that’s the most disturbing point about it.  An agency that’s totally separate from US government or any other, an agency above it all that manipulates and directs disclosure.

He recommends the book named « America’s Secret Establishment » by Antony Sutton in order to understand who is in command, way beyond government power.

Discussions are quickly dismissed and hidden with those in power, just like the one held by Laurence Rockefeller with the Clintons.

I mention Karen Hudes – a former World Bank executive employee – who quoted she saw non human beings with elongated skulls, involved in planetary financial market meetings.  Victor mentioned he didn’t study that issue much, but had got some information just recently within the past weeks regarding elongated skull beings, coneheads, which he’s investigating with a colleague.  These beings, which we’ve had signs of throughout history, seem to be anthropologically actual and real among us, and more evidence is being put forward.

Clinton asked Webster Hubbell from his Justice Department to answer 2 questions: « who killed Kennedy? Bring back everything we know about UFOs »…  After his 18-month mandate, Webster came back and replied: « if you come across what really goes on about the UFO issue, you’ll end up like JFK ».

We talked about the Vatican’s role, their intelligence service have been around much longer than the CIA, the SIV, very powerful and nicknamed the « Vaticanos », have sometimes made the CIA look like boyscouts.

Daniel Sheehan, a lawyer heading the Jesuit order in the US – during Jimmy Carter’s presidency – has been assigned to ask all the UFO files from the Vatican archives.  His 1s request to the Vatican « can I see your files? » was turned down.  His 2nd request via the US Jesuit Headquarter was also rejected.  The same man went back 3 weeks ago (from the date of this UFO event) to see Father José Funes – who runs the Vatican Observatory – and invited him to come to Berkley University in California to discuss the E.T. speak in public and discuss at this new Institute.  He accepted the proposal to gather academics and religious, in order to build an institute for disclosure via the Vatican: the New Paradigm Institute.  Sheehan tries to circumvent and leave government behindto access disclosure directly with the Vatican, that’s his rationale.

ETs have been worried about the planet and our ways to manage Earth,  for the past 60-70 years.  According to the messages given to contactees, our consciousness level has to evolve in order to understand their role.  We’re sort of like kids in a school yard.

We talked about the issue of ETs cooperation with the MIEC (Military Industrial Complex).  He admitted that some factions have some power, predation and self-serving agendas, there are many aspects regarding numerous ET races who are visiting us.  The hostile military aspect is a limited and a minority agenda among those races.  The other broader aspectis the aspect that can make us consider and access this universal consciousness, contact with the cosmos, cosmic Unity, everything and everybody is interconnected…  that aspect is different…  We mentioned Michael Salla, Bob Dean, etc… Planetary issues are worrisome, regarding our management of Earth’s ecology and environment.

Comprehend climate change… geoengineering, DNA alterations… Eisenhower, so-called agreements, etc… it’s not the entire ET message.  We can’t stereotype their messages, many more people have received much more crucial information about what ETs want from us.  He thinks that information, agreements and Eisenhower meetings are not as important as what all the unknown contactees were told on the planet.

Should we wait until « officials » react to access disclosure?  To whom would those ETs talk toofficially when they want to manifest themselves to the public eye?  To politicians, religious, medical bodies, etc?

It’s very possible that we were designed genetically by a collective ET group, a secret message would be hidden and encrypted in our DNA  from their end… once we decipher it, we’ll understand that the ultimate disclosure is encrypted in our human genome. 

Geoengineering issue: he thinks that shadow agencies that are in control of DNA modification, our atmosphere, are trying to introduce a a new body chemistry to modify us, a terraforming type through technological poisoning, organized and set up for our whole species by Corporations…   we’re trying to make technological progress, ETs are sending us a message to change ourselves naturally on a cosmological level.  We have a choice, it’s up to us to make a choice between what technology brought us on the planet and our natural evolution, the next step. We are at a tipping point, at the most crucial moment in our history.  Once we get to the next level up, we’ll be able to meet and see benevolent E.T.s.

 We need to look way beyond political perspective and their efforts not to disclose or disclose, it’s on our consciousness level that we need to work our way up…  we need to rise up to their level to reach their higher consciousness, beyond sheer corporal or our physical dimension.

We get back to pope John 23’s meeting with E.T.s at the Vatican, who was a visionary to him.  The Vatican needs to remain very cautious, in order not to transform the church too drastically.  He mentions the Fatima case, a major case to him: it wasn’t God’s message, but E.T.s, the children received a message and they didn’t believe them.  John 23 fainted when he heard the childern’s message.  That message had to do with E.T. disclosure.

When we consider that ETs can influence human condition, they could have stopped the wars.  They want us to be ready, self-decisive on our free will to change ourselves, therefore respecting our free will.

Our consciousness level regarding what we are as a species connected to the entire cosmos, when we can combine it with our technology, we’d have the best of both worlds, but for now that’s not the case.  We’re better off trying to access our inner consciousness. 

Big Corporate world, major international corporations, are the biggest obstacle to our evolution as a species and to disclosure, they only think about making money, our human consciousness is favorable to Disclosure.

The aspect of free energy is important, it’s the key factor, access to disclosure and putting those polluting energies to rest, it will all be easy once all free energies will be offered and made available to everyone.

We mentioned Justin  Trudeau, and his progressive views..  Lot of hope is placed on his open-mindedness with this new Canadian Prime Minister, his youth and will for change and reforms.  Paul Hellyer served as the Vice Prime Minister with Trudeau’s father.  Victor suggests to gather and sign, write an open letter and a petition inclugin our group and other UFO groups, in order to send this petition on disclosure to Justin Trudeau.  We agreed with enthusiasm of course.

His final word: there are so many aspects on the disclosure issue, he recommends to gain knowledge and get acquainted with all the data on the disclosure issue, not only one side, nor religious, political and more, but consider the issue from a standpoint that implies our engagement and future as an entire species, for us humans.  It seems that ETs, whomever they may be, are inviting us to engage in a communication and relationship with them. Let’s steer clear oflimiting and judging, and let’s get involved, think over our condition and position in the universe.  Let’s shift paradigms.  We deeply thanked Victor and promised to meet again soon, along with our involvement in this disclosure process.

Here’s the full video for his speaking venue:

His investigations and articles via his websites:



We fixed our next gathering on December 12 for our upcoming meeting, after handing out CD-roms with additional information, pertaining to the topics of that evening.  I deeply thank our speaker and guest Victor Viggiani, promt you again to go read his articles and his sites, http://zlandcommunications.blogspot.fr/ et https://sites.google.com/site/zlandcommunications, we also look forward to following up on our joint official E.T. Disclosure effortsand beginning to round up signatures for the petition to be submitted to Justin Trudeau, the young and new Canadian Prime Minister soon.  I also thank our attendees for their presence and questions, and also the team on site at the L’Etrier restaurant, for their great menu and wonderful welcome.

We’ll see you again soon at our next UFO Dinner Event and Awakening meeting in Rouen, Normandy….