Mary Rodwell interview

September 3  2014

MG int MR

Mary Rodwell was visiting family near Paris and sent me an invitation I was deeply honored to accept, she welcomed me at her brother’s house in Thoiry, where I was hosted magnificently. 

I had the pleasure to interview here before at my Exocontact Conference in France, available on my site here:

Here is her full interview, and her background:

Mary Rodwell
Hypnotherapist and Counselor, Ufology and Metaphysics Researcher from Australia

Mary Rodwell is a counselor, hypnotherapist, professional UFO researcher and metaphysician. She is the founder and director of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is internationally recognized as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO phenomenon. Mary’s research shows that many « Star Children » sometimes called « Indigos” have telepathic abilities and are spiritually awake and have described and seen « Light Beings » (angels or light beings), the main difference is that these « Star children » have memories of encounters with extraterrestrial beings and being taken aboard extraterrestrial space crafts. Mary also explores the evidence from the scientific, medical, psychological and historical point of view to support what she believes to be a genius engineering program, which is part of homo sapiens’ upgrade, and will create a paradigm shift in human consciousness, which is what these children show.
She talks about hypnotherapy, and describes the upgrade of the New Humans.