In5d Europe Meetups- Paris May 20, 2016


In5d Europe Meetups- Paris May 20, 2016

In5d Meetup and Seminar (View in French HERE)’s Michelle Walling and Freedom Ufo’s Marc Gray host an evening full of spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric discussion on Friday, May 20, 2016 in Paris, France! Find out more about Michelle on her bio page HERE.

Come together with like minded individuals and enjoy a Lecture and Q&A with Michelle Walling. Marc will translate English/French.


Meetup Location:

Hotel Le Rocroy
13 Rue de Rocroy,
75010 Paris, France

Opera District

Meetup Time:

4:30 pm-8 pm Paris time zone


4:30-5:00 pm meet and greet

5:00-6:15 Michelle Walling- Galactic history of the matrix

6:15-6:30 Break

6:30-7:45 Michelle Walling- How to Exit the Matrix

7:45-8 Q&A

Seminar Topics:

How To Exit The Matrix:
-Cosmic history and battle for earth
-Densities and dimensions
-Quantum reality
-Archons and annnaki
-What is the matrix?
-Contract revocation and sovereignty
-Energy vampires
-Healing the inner child
-Becoming a galactic human


Reserve Your Seat:

Online registration only, as we have only 40 seats available:

$33 USD “love donation”- non refundable.

Here are Marc’s prior interviews with Michelle:

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with Guest: Michelle Walling

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In5d Europe Meetings- Paris May 20, 2016